Dental Graduates should plan career carefully, success will come their way


 Liaquat Merchants’ address at FJDC’s 20th Convocation

Dental Graduates should plan career carefully,
success will come their way

Fatima Jinnah favoured parliamentary democracy and was
the first Civilian who challenged the Military Dictators

KARACHI: Mr. Liaquat Merchant an eminent jurist and Chairman of Jinnah Foundation was the chief guest at the 20th annual convocation of Fatima Jinnah Dental College held on March 30, 2017. Speaking at the occasion he advised the dental graduates to plan their future career carefully, the success with come their way.  They should not be affected by the materialistic world but should serve the humanity with dedication and devotion. We all need to promote education as this is the only way to take this country forward.

He commended the FJDC founders for naming it after Fatima Jinnah who herself was a qualified dental surgeon who started dental practice in Bombay in 1923. She gave up practice when Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s wife died so that she could give her company and then looked after him till his death on August 11, 1948. Late Ms. Fatima Jinnah was an educated, graceful lady. She loved the parliamentary democracy but agreed to contest the Presidential elections under the then Basic Democracy system introduced by the rulers and got over 40% votes. She was the first civilian who challenged the military dictators and thus set an example and all those politicians who opposed dictators later got encouragement from her struggle, he remarked.

Mr. Liaquat Merchant also disclosed that it was because of Ms. Fatima Jinnah that he came to Pakistan.  When I finished my studies in 1964 Ms. Fatima Jinnah asked me why you have not come to Pakistan so far. I said I have just finished my studies in London and would like to practice for some time and gain experience in Bombay before coming to Pakistan. However, she died before I came to Pakistan in November 1967. She left for me letters of introduciton   for eminent lawyer Mr. Hassan A Sheikh a Muslim Leaguer and Mr. Zari another eminent lawyers. However, when I met Mr. Fakharuddin G. Ibrahim in the District Courts of Karachi, he offered me job and I joined him. Mr. Fakharuddin Ibrahim as we all know was a wonderful person, thorough gentleman, an eminent jurist who later rose to be the Judge of High Court and then Supreme Court and also served as Chief Election Commissioner. My law firm and the law firm run by his son are now working together.

Vice Chancellor of Karachi University Prof. Ajmal in his convocation address said that Fatima Jinnah Dental College has made progress which was expected of it and it has played a vital role in advancement of dental education in Pakistan. It has produced many dental graduates and postgraduates. He also disclosed that University of Karachi was also planning to establish its own Medical College shortly.

Principal of FJDC Prof. Taslim Hosein in her annual report said that the college has a highly professional and motivated faculty. In fact we have the best dental faculty among all the dental colleges in the city of Karachi. It was Prof. Essa Arian who as first Principal laid the foundations of their college’s progress twenty five years ago. Competency based teaching is regularly updated and we have a general hospital as  well to provide medical and dental training to our graduates. So far 1335 dental surgeons have graduated from this institution. It is approved for FCPS by CPSP and for MS and MD by Ziauddin University.  Some of our faculty members are currently enrolled in MHPE and HCSM courses at CPSP. Currently twenty eight postgraduates are getting training. We have produced many FCPS and some of our graduates are now serving as Faculty and even as Principal at dental colleges. We are also doing lot of research apart from providing dental care to the patients who could not afford it.

Prof. Nargas Anjum Dean Faculty of Medicine at University of Karachi administered the oath to the fresh dental graduates.  Dr.S.Baqar Askari Chief Executive of FJDC introduced the chief guest Liaquat Merchant. Distinction certificates and Gold Medals were also presented to the position holders in various exams and subjects.  Dr. Rabia earned 13 distinctions, Dr.T.Liaquat   and Dr. Mashal Talat both got fourteen distinctions. Again Dr. T.  Liaquat got three Gold Medals, Rabia Arshad and Mashal Talat both got Six Gold Medals.  Dr. Mashal Talat was also declared as the Best Dental Graduate. The college administration also presented Cash Prizes to the first three position holders and the winners were Dr. Rabia third position Rs. 25,000/- Dr. Liaquat second position Rs. 50,000/- and Dr. Mashal Talat first position Rs 75,000/-

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