Pharmacists urged to build a career which provides them professional satisfaction


Pharmacists urged to build a career which
provides them professional satisfaction

They should decide about their future keeping in
view their core competencies and professional skills

KARACHI: Dr. Mohammad Qaiser Vice Chancellor of University of Karachi has called upon the government to increase its GDP spending on education which will be rewarding not only for the country but it will also help produce better human beings. We talk too much about education but actually it is at the bottom of our priorities. We need to concentrate on education as educated youth will play a vital role in the progress and development of the country and strengthening our economy ensuring bright future for Pakistan. He was speaking at the 4th PharmEvo Medal Awarding ceremony organized at the Department of Pharmacy at Karachi University on April 9th 2014.
He congratulated the recipients of the Medals as well as their teachers and also commended the efforts of PharmEvo which has made it possible for the last five years. This appreciation and encouragement will help build their professional careers. He hoped that other pharmaceutical companies will also come forward and help provide opportunities to the brilliant students in other departments in the University.

PharmEvo Organized a Medal Award Ceremony at Dept. of Pharmacy Karachi University for position
holders recently. Picture on right shows Prof. M. Qasier VC Karachi University, Mr. Haroon Qasim,
S. Jamsheed Ahmed, Mr. Irfan Ahmed form PharmEvo, Prof. Ghazala, Prof. Azhar photographed
along with the position holders while on left picture shows Prof. M. Qasier VC Karachi
University  presenting a Memento to Mr. Haroon Qasim Managing Director PharmEvo
in recognition of their support to the  Pharmacy department.

Earlier S. Jamshed Ahmad Chief Operating Officer of PharmEvo who himself qualified from this department many years ago in his speech said that we in PharmEvo realizing our corporate social responsibilities for the development of Pakistan are doing our best to build the capacity of the healthcare professionals including pharmacists. He urged the pharmacists to have a laser focus on their careers. They must decide now soon after graduation what they want to do and in which field they wish to pursue their professional career. Take a decision today and then never look back. Build a career which is satisfying to their interests keeping in view their core competencies and professional skills. They must know their limitations and learn to excel. They must sharpen their skills. He also disclosed that PharmEvo was looking into the possibilities for their internship in various hospitals. He advised the pharmacists to look beyond today, think ahead what they want to be in the life, dream and then try to realize these dreams.
Continuing Mr. Jamshed Ahmad said that PharmEvo started its career guidance programme in 2010 and so far seventeen hundred students have benefitted from this program. Since 2010 we have presented medals to thirty position holders in pharmacy. We do realize our corporate social responsibilities that is why we initiated Clinision, Jahan-e-Maseeha, M-Lead and eDr programmes. We follow and uphold professional ethics in our business practices and have earned the trust of the healthcare professionals with the result that today PharmEvo has become one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical company. He urged the pharmacists to discover themselves, decide today about their future. He reminded them that it is the attitude which contributes almost 85% to the ultimate success. Truthfulness, Justice and Courage are the three important DNA of leadership and they should try to follow this.
Mr. Haroon Qasim Managing Director of PharmEvo speaking on this occasion said that we should try our best to do useful things despite limited resources and not so ideal environment. We need to provide guidance to our youth and the society. Recognition and appreciation of the talent will encourage other student to work hard. He commended the efforts of Dr. Waseem the former Head of the Dept. of Pharmacy at University of Karachi to whom we were able to convince to start this programme five years ago and it is now going on with the support of Dr. Ghazalla and other faculty members. Mr. Irfan Head of the Human Resource Dept. at PharmEvo and other team members from PharmEvo also needs to be commended for organizing this function. Let us all work together and enlighten the society, he remarked.
Prof. Ghazalla in her speech thanked PharmEvo for establishing career counseling center in the department and encouraging, appreciating the talented students by sponsoring medals for the position holders. Later Dr. Mohammad Qaiser VC University of Karachi presented medals to the position holders. Those who were honoured included Ms. Fasiha Abdul Rehman, Ms. Maheen Rafat and Ms. Hira Fazil who secured first, second and third position respectively in the morning programme. Recipients of medals in the evening programme were Mr. Masood Ahmad Khan who secured the first position while Ms. Tahseen Erum got second position and Ms. Rehma Akram earned the third position. The programme was moderated by Prof. Azhar who pointed out that about two hundred students are enrolled in the department of pharmacy in the morning programme while one hundred fifty students are admitted in the evening programme and PharmD programme duration is five years.

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