Punjab Govt. fails to appoint permanent Vice Chancellors for KEMU & UHS


 Prof. Amar Aziz resigns from UHS BOG in protest

Punjab Govt. fails to appoint permanent
Vice Chancellors for KEMU & UHS

It reflects the incompetence and inefficiency of provincial
health department in general and Chief Minister in particular

“Some allege these posts are not being
filled with a specific purpose”

LAHORE:  Punjab Government has failed to appoint permanent Vice Chancellors for the King Edward Medical University as well as University of Health Sciences and both the institutions are being run and managed on adhoc basis through acting Vice Chancellors for the last many months. It reflects the incompetence and inefficiency of the provincial health department in general and the Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif in particular despite the fact that he is known as one of the most active, honest, hardworking Chief Ministers today. All development plans at both these institutions are at standstill and this has seriously affected their progress.

University of Health Sciences in particular has suffered the most ever since the appointment of Prof.Faisal Masood as the acting Vice Chancellor. Members of the medical profession feel that he has some serious “attitude and behaviour problems” while dealing with his juniors and colleagues which is an open secret.  He is not suitable to be appointed to any administrative post. When he retired from King Edward Medical University, everyone working there had a great sigh of relief.  If the objective of those who appointed him was to destroy the University of Health Sciences, he is alleged to have accomplished this task exceptionally well. Taking serious exception to the way he was running the affairs as acting Vice Chancellor of UHS, Prof.Amar Aziz one of the members of the UHS Board of Governors has resigned in protest. In his communication to the Chief Minister Prof.Amar Aziz has pointed out that the appointment of Prof. Faisal Masood was made in haste and against the norms, the whole process initiated for the appointment of regular vice chancellor after the appointment of Prof.Faisal Masood has become doubtful.

According to another report, shocked at the attitude and behaviour of the UHS administration some senior professors including Principal of a medical college who visited UHS for preparing the examination paper, has told them that they should not be called in future and they were not interested in preparing the examination papers. The university must make some other arrangements. The present administration, they alleged, had no regard and respect for the medical teachers and senior academicians.

It may be mentioned here that earlier Prof. Junaid Sarfraz the acting Vice Chancellor of UHS  who had also worked as Pro Vice Chancellor for quite some time was defamed, humiliated and those at the helm of affairs have so far failed to produce evidence against him of any alleged malpractices. UHS which once used to be a hub of academic activity has suffered a lot. The whole staff including the faculty members are de-motivated, are not taking any interest. The atmosphere and environment at the UHS at present is being described as of a Jail or a police station.  Resignation of Prof. Amar Aziz from the Board of Governors has not come as a surprise but what is surprising is the fact that it took so long. He is known for his outspoken views. He is very critical of the provincial health department for delaying the process of appointment of a regular VC to enable Prof.Faisal Masood run the UHS affairs on adhoc basis for longer period. Prof.Amar Aziz alleges that Prof. Faisal Masood had earlier destroyed the KEMU and now is the turn of UHS. There is a serious shortage of faculty and not even a single meeting of the Board of Governors has been held ever since Prof. Faisal Masood took over. However, according to a report appearing in Daily Dawn,” Prof.Faisal Masood refused to comment on the allegations leveled by Prof.Amar Aziz. He claimed that he had neither applied for the UHS top slot nor does he aspire to be a VC anywhere else.”

Some people allege that both these coveted posts of regular Vice Chancellors at KEMU and UHS are not being filled with some purpose.  Now it is learnt, the interviews have been scheduled of all those who had applied for the post of Vice Chancellor but question arise why it was delayed for so long. Was the provincial health department not aware of the fact that both these posts will become vacant and needs to be filled in time but there must be some method in this madness. The last date for applications for the VC’s post at UHS, it is said, was November 16, 2017 but no developments took place since then.