Royal College of Physicians London has over 30,000 Members and Fellows of which 20% are overseas


 40,000 doctors working in UK were trained in medicine in South Asia

Royal College of Physicians London has over 30,000
Members and Fellows of which 20% are overseas

We intend to develop strong relationship with HEC, CPSP,
individual medical institutions and faculty-Dr. Fraz Mir

LAHORE: Royal College of Physicians London is a professional body for physicians with over thirty thousand members and fellows all over the world and 20% of them are overseas. It includes 439 in India, 179 in Pakistan and 232 in Sri Lanka.  We are patient centered and clinically led  working  to achieve our Mission which is influencing the way healthcare is designed and delivered, supporting our Members and Fellows besides promoting Good Health and prevention of diseases  across the population. This was stated by Dr. Fraz Mir, Associate International Director of RCP London for South Asia while speaking on RCP London Initiatives in Pakistan at the AZNMC-RCP London International Medical Conference held recently.

Dr. Fraz Mir

Royal College of Physicians, he further stated, is leader in postgraduate education. We train doctors as educators, train them in assessment and appraisal training. We offer MSc in Medical Education, are working on faculty development tailored to the local needs besides working on curriculum development. We are delivering education programmes in West Africa, Middle East, USA, Sri Lanka, India and Mynimar. In Pakistan we are conducting MRCP Part-I and Part-I examination at Karachi and Lahore but Clinical PACES exam is not likely to be held in Pakistan until 2017. Giving details of MRCP Exam in South Asia, Dr. Fraz Mir  said that  there has been a progressive increase in the number of candidates appearing in Part-I and Part-II Exam in Pakistan. PACES Exam is also organize in India and there has been a progressive increase in the number of candidates taking this exam as well for the last few years.

Continuing Dr. Fraz Mir said that for physician development we have started Specialty Certificate Examination to set clinical standards in newly developed specialties. These include Acute Medicine, Dermatology, Endocrinology and Diabetes, Gastroenterology, Geriatric Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Medical Oncology, Nephrology, Rheumatology and Respiratory Medicine. National Clinical Guidelines Center offers Distance learning resource, Online and on Paper, Practice papers for MRCP Examination.

Giving details about the Medical Training Initiative Dr. Fraz Mir said that RCP facilitates clinical training in UK for International Medical Graduates. This training is hands on with professional registration and under supervision and they are also exempted from PLAB. These are paid posts and on successful completion, Diploma is awarded to the trainees. Doctors can also come for training in UK on scholarship from their respective countries, he added. These trainees get Visa for two years. At present there are three hundred International Medical Graduates getting training through this MTI scheme. British public likes the Young Indian Female doctors and wish to be treated by them. We intend to develop strong relationship with Higher Education Commission, College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan and various individual medical institutions and faculty.   Pakistan had strong traditional and personal links with UK. Association of Pakistani-origin Physicians and Surgeons in UK (APPS UK) is also interested and there was a huge potential to build on relationship in the form of joint initiative that leads to mutual enrichment. RCP delegation had visited Lahore and Rawalpindi in 2013-2014. In November 2015 we conducted interviews of postgraduates wishing to get training in UK at Rawalpindi and during February 2016 at Lahore. We have had fruitful meetings with Chairman of HEC at Islamabad and CPSP leadership and now this international medical conferee was yet another joint academic activity.

Talking about the future plans Dr. Fraz Mir said that we will continue to expand this MTI scheme. We also intend to have joint medical conferences aimed at trainees and trainers, more interactive online CME programmes and Web-streaming events. We will support clinical outreach work, we also plan to organize PACES exam in Pakistan, accreditation of postgraduate training, organize Fellowship ceremonies and we are also planning to have a local Royal College of Physicians London office in Pakistan. At present we have four international advisors in Pakistan which include Prof. M.Akbar Chaudhry in Lahore,  Prof. Aamir Ghafoor Khan in Peshawar, Prof. Saeed Hamid in Karachi and Prof. Javed Akram in Islamabad.