Islam Medical & Dental College, Sialkot


 An Introduction

Islam Medical & Dental College, Sialkot

With purpose built Campus and excellent faculty this college seems
to have much better teaching and training facilities as compared
to most of the newly established medical & Dental colleges
in Public & Private sector

From Shaukat Ali Jawaid

SIALKOT: Islam Medical & Dental College is located at a distance of about eight Kilometers from the Center of Sialkot City on Pasrur Road. With purpose built campus, well equipped lecture halls, library and auditorium, well staffed basic as well as clinical departments and excellent diagnostic facilities, Islam Medical & Dental Colleges seems to have much better teaching and training facilities as compared to most of the newly established medical and dental colleges in the public as well as private sector. That is one of the reasons that this institution was recognized by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council on its first visit and it is allowed to enroll one hundred fifty students in the MBBS Class and Fifty students in the BDS class.

Mr. Mohammad Islam
Islam Medical Group, Sialkot

During my recent visit to Sialkot I had a brief meeting with Mr. Mohammad Islam, Chairman, an informative meeting with Prof. Khalilur Rehman Principal of the college while Prof. Eice Mohammad a very dear friend for the last over three decades who is also on the faculty members as Professor of Medicine took me on a guided tour of various sections of the medical and dental college which was a very fascinating experience.

Prof. Khalil Ur Rehman
Islam Medial College

The people behind these institutions, it appears, have a Vision and foresight, are fully aware of the problems which newly established institutions face and also have the solution. By offering lucrative pay packages, incentives and providing facility of accommodation, they were able to attract a large number of eminent medical teachers in various disciplines of medicine. Principal of the college Prof. Khalilur Rehman a very humble and quiet personality is a noted physician who retired as Principal of Allama Iqbal Medical College. Prof. Eice Mohammad himself has served as Professor of Medicine and Principal of five public and private medical colleges in the province of Punjab, thus brings with him lot of valuable teaching and administrative experience and the college is lucky to have such talented, competent committed medical teachers on its faculty.

Prof. Asadullah Khan Tareen
Islam Dental College

These institutions are spread over an area of twenty two acres of land. Apart from Islam Medical College, Islam Dental College, Islam Teaching Hospital, other educational institutions located here include Institute of Physiotherapy, Islam Law College, Islam Engineering College which is affiliated with University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. Eventually it might emerge as an Education City in the days to come. The management is reported to have acquired some more adjacent land keeping in view its further needs of expansion.

 Prof. Eice Mohammad

Mission:The Mission statement of the college states that “Islam Medical College is dedicated to provide a quality education of modern time medicine to make young generation, a highly intelligent, proficient professionals and skillful health providers for our community and for humanity as a whole”. It also lays emphasis on knowledge, skill, labour, honour, excellence, social justice, and collegiality, equality in opportunity, interdisciplinary collaboration and morality.

Board of Governors

The institution is run and managed under the guidance of Members of the Board of Governors which consist of eminent personalities in different fields. They are:

  1. Muhammad Islam (Chairman)
  2. Ch. Maqsood Ahmed
  3. Dr. Tanveer Islam Rana
  4. Rana Yasir Islam
  5. Lt. Gen.(R) Muhammad Zubair
  6. Lt.Gen.(R) Zahid Ahmad Khan
  7. H.E. Khalfan Sultan Al Kitibi from UAE
  8. Khurshid Ahmed Junejo
  9. Brig.(R) Muhammad Aslam
  10. ThumbayMoideen
  11. Prof. Khalilur Rehman

In his message to the second batch admitted in 2011-2012 Mr. Mohammad Islam Chairman of Islam Medical Group said that “we are setting a tradition of excellence and innovation in medical education. We are determined to stay ahead of the times with our new revised medical curriculum. Most importantly, we want students to be responsible for their own education, which creates habits of lifelong learning and equips them with the tools to assess and evaluate new information.  At this college my mission is to educate future physicians who will care for patients with competence, creativity and compassion, in a setting that fosters collegiality, leadership and excellence in scholarship and research.”

Islam Medical College was started in 2009-2010 while Islam Dental College started in 2010-2011. Both these institutions are affiliated with University of Health Sciences Lahore. When asked about the faculty position, Prof. Khalil Ur Rehman Principal of the college said that we have three professors of anatomy, two professors in physiology. Similarly all other basic sciences departments are also well staffed. On the clinical side, we have two professors, two associate and two assistant professors in Surgery. In Medicine we have two professors, four associate and four assistant professors. Similarly the departments of Ophthalmology, ENT, and Paediatrics are all well staffed. Prof. Saeed who retired as Prof. of Obstetrics & Gynaecology from Sheikh Zayed Hospital Lahore has joined us as Professor.  We keep on adding faculty members.  It is the lucrative pay package, incentives and provision of residential accommodation which has attracted faculty members and we did not face much difficulty in acquiring the services of well qualified, competent faculty.  We have the departments of Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Community Medicine, Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Pathology, Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetric& Gynaecology, Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Behavioral Sciences, Urology, Orthopaedics, Dermatology, Anaesthesia, Cardiology, Radiology and Medical Education besides Students Affairs section.

Islam Medical College at Sialkot

We have a 350-Bed Hospital. In addition we have affiliated 100-bed Social Security Hospital and 150-Bed Islam Central Hospital in the city. All this adds up to six hundred beds which is the requirement for teaching and training of one hundred fifty students. We have very good diagnostic facilities which include Digital X-Ray, Treadmill, CT scan and MRI, facilities for Mammography, Colour Doppler Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy. Departments of Medicine, Surgery and Paediatrics, Prof. Khalilur Rehman said, are recognized by College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan for postgraduate training for FCPS. Finding dedicated and devoted faculty was an uphill task to begin with and it is also difficult to find good teachers these days but we were lucky to acquire the services of faculty which is sincere and interested in teaching and training. Keeping in view the Vision of the Board of Directors, novel approach and enthusiasm of the faculty, Islam Medical College is embarking on an enlightened path of educating physicians of the 21st century.  At Islam Medical College, we endeavour to inculcate modern trends in education combining traditional system of learning; knowledge based practical application and thought provoking interactive sessions. The students are encouraged to interact freely with the faculty. We have provided the students most modern facilities of self learning. We expect our graduates to be holistic and dynamic individuals and we provide them ample sports and literary activities for their talent to flourish, Prof. Khalilur Rehman added.

At Islam Medical College,  apart from traditional class room lectures,  small group discussions, problem based seminars and clinical laboratory exercises  is also given due importance.  There is emphasis on self directed learning and team work. Patients-students interaction is introduced during the first year curriculum and the formal clinical training of third, fourth and final year student’s offers broad-based preparation of undergraduate training in all the disciplines of medicine.

Continuing Prof. Khalilur Rehman said that nursing school has already been started and in the next few years, it is planned to be upgraded as College of Nursing. We also plan to start Pharm D in pharmacy this year. Non-medical set up includes  Biomedical Engineering which is  extremely important for the upkeep and maintenance of electro medical equipments and instdrument,s. Islam Law College and Engineering college are also located at this campus. Then we have a Computer Science College.

The College has three main buildings which include the Teaching and Administration Block, Basic Sciences Block and Pre-clinical Block. In addition it has a 350-Bed teaching hospital on the campus. Academic Block houses the Basic Sciences Departments. Most modern Air-conditioned lecture theaters, dissection hall and laboratories for basic and pre-clinical subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Forensic Medicine and Community Medicine. It has impressive Museum in all the basic science, Forensic Medicine and Community Medicine departments.

Library: It has text books, medical journals and other curriculum, related content to support learning and research at the campus covering all the basic and clinical subjects. It has seating capacity for one hundred fifty students to study in noise free environment. Library offers the reading room, borrowing facility, Reference service, Photocopy service and internet access to electronic journals.

Computer Lab:  This modern computer lab is exclusively for the use of students. It is equipped with upto date Desktop PCs connected through a network. Entry to the computer lab is by swiping the student’s card.

Auditorium:  This most beautiful auditorium has seating capacity for well over five hundred people. It is equipped with most advanced audio visual technology which is needed for all types of events like conferences, forums and conventions.

Faculty Residences: The management has provided spacious and well furnished Two Bed rooms with Drawing/Dining which are available for the faculty members within the Campus. More accommodation for the faculty is under construction.

Hostels: Islam Medical College has on Campus Boys and Girls Hostels. Each hostel has a capacity to accommodate two hundred students.

College Mosque: College authorities love for Islam is depicted in the shape of a beautiful building of College Mosque. About two hundred fifty people can offer prayers at a time in this mosque.

Hospital Emergency: There are seventeen beds in the Emergency.  According to Prof. Eice Mohammad most of the emergencies coming here include Acute Myocardial Infarction, Respiratory diseases, Liver diseases, Diabetic Keto Acidosis, Coma and Stroke etc. Hospital also has ten private rooms. Patients visiting the hospital have to pay a very nominal fee for OPD Slip and for Admission. Treatment is absolutely free. Prof. Eice Mohammad also disclosed that now they were working on a plan whereby they will have charity patients and non-charity patients.  Charity patients will have absolutely free services and treatment. They will get everything free and it is being worked out these days.

Islam Dental College

The Dental College has departments of Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Oral Biology and Tooth Morphology, Pharmacology, General Pathology, Community and Preventive Dentistry, Science of Dental Materials, Medicine, General Surgery, Oral Pathology, Oral Medicine and Periodontology, Prosthodontics, Operative and Conservative Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics & Dental Radiology and Periodontology. All the departments are well equipped and well staffed. Lecture Halls has a capacity to accommodate 100-BDS students in each class. Most of the departmentsare headed by FCPS in the respective specialties. There are seventy five Dental Chairs.  The institution has state of the art Phantom Head Laboratory, Dental Material Laboratory, Prosthetics Department, Ceramic Laboratory, Dental Museum besides Dental Radiology Department. Infection control is given too much importance here which was evident from the posters on the walls. Over the years there has been tremendous awareness in the community about the need for quality dental services and even patients coming from rural areas in villages also know the importance of prosthetics and demand this service.

Islam Dental College at Sialkot

Cafeteria: The management has also provided a Cafeteria at the Campus which serves quality food in hygienic environment for the students.

The Day I visited the college, their Annual Sports Week was in progress.  On that particular day March 9th, a friendly Cricket Match was in progress between Islam Cricket Club and Cricket Team of Habib Bank Limited. As seen in most of the medical and dental colleges, here too vast majority of the students are girls. Admission to the medical and dental college is as per government rules and Fees is as per decision of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. The College follows a Code of Conduct and Disciplinary rules are strictly enforced.

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