Obesity itself is a risk factor for Diabetes and Hypertension - Prof. Ahmad Bilal


 Think of Fat Loss and not Weight Loss
Obesity itself is a risk factor for Diabetes
and Hypertension - Prof. Ahmad Bilal
Hyper siting syndrome leads to increased mortality

LAHORE: Prof. Ahmad Bilal Dean Faculty of Medicine at Faisalabad Medical University was one of the speakers during the session devoted to Endocrinology during the PHL Symposium held here last month. The topic of his presentation was “Diabetes, Hypertension, and Dyslipidemias: Terrible Three”. This session was moderated by Prof. Khadija Irfan from SIMS Lahore. Prof. Ahmad Bilal pointed out that central obesity was a major problem. Its prevalence in USA used to be 10-14% in 1989 but now it has increased many times. In Pakistan National Survey conducted recently in which over eleven thousand people were screened all over the country. It showed the prevalence of diabetes to be about 40% including those who suffer from pre diabetes.

Continuing Prof. Ahmad Bilal said that so far there is no consensus on the definition of metabolic syndrome but obesity is common in all Guidelines by American Heart Association as well as by European Society of Cardiology. There is also no agreement when to start treatment for high blood pressure but usually it is desirable to have a BP measurement of 120/80. Tight control of Blood Pressure will reduce the micro as well as macro vascular complications. Obesity itself is a risk factor for diabetes and hypertension. We must think of Fat loss and not weight loss. Fat tissues talk to other organs and precipitate all other diseases. There are numerous forces which are harmful to healthy cells. Abdominal obesity and physical inactivity will make the situation worse. Hyper siting syndrome leads to increased mortality. We need to advise the public to avoid atherogenic diet, set targets for blood pressure and blood glucose. Increased physical activity will be the best therapy as it will help avoid being overweight as well. Public should also be advised to use more vegetables and fruits, nuts and use olive oil but keep away from the processed food, he added.

Other scheduled speakers in this session were Dr. Abbas Raza, Prof. Ali Jawa, Dr. Amina Khan and their topics were Endocrine hypertension- clinical vigilance, Mineralocorticoid Hypertension- a diagnostic dilemma and Calcium supplements- Good for Bone and Bad for Heart respectively.

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