After all interventions including CABG, Angioplasty & Heart Transplants profession has come back to preventive cardiology



Preventive Cardiology Conference at GAMBAT
After all interventions including CABG,
Angioplasty & Heart Transplants profession
has come back to preventive cardiology

Cardiovascular diseases are increasing and has emerged
as an epidemic the world over - Prof. Abdus Samad

In Pakistan every 4th person is diabetic, every 7th person in
pre-diabetes stage while about 50% population suffer from
hypertension - Prof. Beikaram

GAMBAT: After all the interventions like Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery, Angioplasty and Heart Transplants, the medical profession has come back to preventive cardiology because cardiovascular diseases are increasing. It has emerged as an epidemic the world over. This was stated by Prof. Abdus Samad a well-known interventional cardiologist and founder President of Pakistan Preventive Cardiology Society. He was speaking at the inaugural session of 6th National Preventive Cardiology Conference held at PAQSJ Institute of Medical Sciences at Gambat, Sindh from 8th March to 10th March 2019.

The conference was very well attended by cardiologists, physicians from Karachi, Hyderabad, Larkana, Sukkur and other cities from the interior of Sindh besides the faculty members and students of Gambat Institute of Medical Sciences. Prof. Ahmad Bilal Dean faculty of Medicine from Faisalabad Medical University was also present. Prof. Beikaram Vice Chancellor of Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences also graced the occasion with his presence.

Gambat Institute of Medical Sciences hosted the Preventive Cardiology Conference at its Campus on
8th & 9th March 2019. Picture taken on this occasion shows from (L to R) Dr. Rahim Bux Bhatti Director
of GIMS presenting a memento to Prof. Samad and Mr.Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor of Pulse International.
Picture also shows Prof. Samad presenting mementoes to Prof. Bika Ram Vice Chancellor LUMHS, Prof.

Feroze Memon VC Indus University and Prof.Khalida Soomro.

Continuing Prof. Samad thanked the organizers for making adequate arrangements for the meeting and said that such academic events provide an excellent opportunity to the students to interact with the healthcare professionals and learn from their knowledge and experience, thus update their knowledge.

Prof. Bika Ram Vice Chancellor of LUMHS in his speech on this occasion commended the efforts of Dr. Rahim Bux Bhatti and Prof. Saeed Sangi for organizing this conference. He was delighted to note that many of the faculty members of GIMS had come back to their home after serving at various places. Every one of us needs to follow this because it is the only way we can improve our country. We must get knowledge from everywhere and then return to your own country. Primary prevention was as important as secondary prevention. In fact we need to work on preventive cardiology looking at normal physiology. Studies have showed that every fourth person in Pakistan is diabetic and every seventh person is in pre-diabetic stage. About 50% of our population suffer from hypertension. Treatment is costly but preventive measures are cheap. It has also been shown that whenever we do something anti natural, we will get disease. Hence it is important that we follow natural way of life, have good sleep, use normal healthy food and have regular exercise. Malnutrition as well as over eating both are not good and should be avoided. We need to balance our life style and eating habits. Let us get help from our leaders and make this Nation healthy, he remarked.

Prof. Bika Ram VC LUMHS presenting mementoes to Dr. Harish Chand, Prof. A. Rasheed, Prof. Khursheed Abbasi,
Prof. A. Samad and Prof. Saeed Sangi at the Preventive Cardiology conference held at GIMS recently.

Earlier Prof. Saeed Sangi Convener of the conference in his welcome address thanked all the distinguished speakers and participants who managed to participate in the conference despite the ban on air flights due to tension with India. He specially thanked Dr. Rahim Bux Bhatti the founder and Director of Gambat Institute of Medical Sciences who built this beautiful campus with all the facilities for holding such a conference. It was because of these facilities that he could take up this challenge and organize this meeting. Earlier I had requested Pakistan Cardiac Society as well as Pakistan Hypertension League to hold their conferences at Gambat but they did not agree. However, I am extremely grateful to Prof. Abdus Samad for having agreed to hold this conference here and have faith in us to make the necessary arrangements.

It was indeed due to the untiring efforts of Prof. Saeed Sangi that he could introduce this excellent institution at Gambat to the healthcare professionals all over the country. For many of the participants this was their first visit to this institution which has a busy transplant programme doing kidney, liver and corneal transplants. He was not only able to persuade Prof. Abdus Samad but many other colleagues from Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur and Larkana to participate in this meeting travelling long distances by road.

Earlier a Public Awareness Session was also organized at a local hotel where Prof. Abdus Samad, Prof. Saeed Sangi, Prof. Feroze Memon, Prof. Bika Ram and other senior consultants highlighted the importance of preventive measures, use of healthy balanced diet and regular exercise. They also responded to questions from the public.

The organizers also used this opportunity to present Life Time Achievement Awards to a number of senior medical personalities. Those who were honoured included Prof. Abdus Samad, Dr. Rahim Bux Bhatti, Prof. Khalida Soomro, Prof. Beikaram, Prof. A. Rashid, Prof. Feroze Memon, Prof. Harish Chand, Prof. Khursheed Abbasi. Prof. Bika Ram also presented mementoes to Prof. Abdus Samad and Prof. Saeed Sangi. Prof. Khurshid Abbasi presented the vote of thanks. All the guests were also presented the traditional Sindhi Ajrak and cap.