Speakers pay tributes to Dr. Fatema Jawad for her honesty, integrity and hard work publishing the JPMA


 Reception by PMA to honour Editor-in-Chief of JPMA
Speakers pay tributes to Dr. Fatema Jawad
for her honesty, integrity and hard work
publishing the JPMA

KARACHI: Pakistan Medical Association Karachi arranged a meeting to pay tribute and acknowledge the services of Dr. Fatema Jawad, Editor-in Chief, Journal of Pakistan Medical Association at PMA House on March 16th, 2019. The meeting was very well, attended by class fellows of Dr. Fatema Jawad, members of editorial board, reviewer’s friends, family members and members of PMA. Dr. Qazi Wasiq in his welcome remarks said that we have gathered here to pay unique tribute to Dr. Fatema Jawad to acknowledge her services of forty five years for Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA) Her dedication and work has set an example for all of us. She is not a person but personality and role model for us. Dr. Sarwar Jamil Siddiqui Chairman Editorial Board JPMA read citation for Dr. Fatima Jawad.

Dr. Usman Ghani Class Fellow of Dr. Fatima Jawad said that she was very smart girl and loves to play sport in college days. She was very sincere and work with dedication which is proved the way she had worked for JPMA. Dr. Haseeb Alam (Class Fellow) said that Dr. Fatima Jawad is very hard working lady, her contribution are extremely different. In Pakistan we do not recognize when people are on job but we only recognize when they are retired. Publishing a journal is not an easy task which is being done by Dr. Fatema Jawad. He hoped that our young generation will follow her.

DR. Fatema Jawad 
Editor-in-Chief, JPMA

Dr. Farhat Kamal (Class Fellow) said that Fatema Jawad does her work honestly. She is a humble personality who has done marvelous job for the medical profession. Dr. Salama Badaruddin said that she has learnt a lot from Fatima Jawad about diabetes, diet and reviewing manuscript. She helped me a lot and I never felt that she was teaching me. Dr. Rubina Nqvi said that I have two associations with Dr. Fatima Jawad working at SIUT and JPMA. She is thoroughly involved in her work and in professional life. Dr. Shahid Shamim said that he really enjoyed for learning in a humble way from Dr. Fatima Jawad and try to do the same with my juniors. Dr. Siddiqui in his remarks said that it is an honor to say something for Dr. Fatima Jawad. She is a humble lady and has firm belief in her work. She never tolerates delay and when we have any assignment we have to do it on given time.

Prof. Tipu Sultan said that Dr. Fatima Jawad is a multifaceted personality, she works at SIUT as a diabatologist and working with a JIN (Prof. Adibul Hasan Rizvi) since many years which is not an easy task. She is perfectionist and does her job perfectly well. Dr. Mirza Ali Asghar stated that in this materialistic World, nothing is free but Dr. Fatima Jawad was doing this job in honorary capacity since forty five years. She brings her lunch which is also enjoyed by others present at lunch time. She always carries office files with her to home to accomplish the job and does it as religiously. Dr. Qaiser Sajjad said that Dr. Fatima Jawad is very courteous and strict disciplinarian and is very caring for her staff. Dr. Fatema Jawad is our celebrity, she is a gem of a person who believes in merit and honesty. He also read some messages received from overseas friends sent for this occasion.

Pakistan Medical Association recently organized a function to honour Dr. Fatema Jawad
Editor-in-Chief of JPMA. Photograph taken on the occasion shows some of the speakers,
her friends, Class fellows and Reviewers of the JPMA.

Dr. Sher Shah Syed said that we need good doctors and human being because our image is deteriorated due to strikes by doctors and other factors. Dr. Fatima Jawad has tremendous work for the young doctors by organizing workshops on medical writing in different parts of the country. She is also very perfect in Urdu besides English. Dr. Zubaida Mustafa, sister of Dr. Fatima Jawad said that she is delighted to hear the feeling expressed by various speakers for Aapa Fatima. She is very courteous, carrying and always help me to accomplish my jobs and helped me to know various people in PMA. She is loved by all the family members a lot.

Dr. Fatima Jawad talking about JPMA said that the journal of PMA is a leading monthly biomedical peer reviewed journal of Pakistan founded in 1953 as a quarterly and converted in to monthly in 1957, indexed with MEDICUS in 1975. Our policy is to improve patient care by providing the latest research results, disperse knowledge locally and internationally by introducing new bio medical technology, introduce ethical methods in research and increase awareness amongst authors regarding publications. We educate junior peer reviewers through workshops and most important to create a sense of honesty and integrity in student for writing research. Print issue of JPMA is released 15 days before the start of the month and website is updated five days before the start of the month. Students corner was started in 1988 and JPMA encourages students to volunteer at the office and learn all about journal publishing. Monthly newsletter was started in January 2013 and circulated on the first of every month via Emil. Dr. Fatema Jawad further said that we are privileged to be the leading biomedical journal of Pakistan with second highest impact factor biomedical journal of the country. We tried to maintain research and publication integrity and we are known and respected nationally and internationally.

Dr. Khalil Mukaddum and other members of PMA presented a shield to Dr. Fatima Jawad besides bouquet and Ajraks presented by Dr. Qaiser Sajjad, Prof. Siraju Dula Syed, Mirza Ali Asghar, and Dr. Shooro. Dr. Seemi Jamali Director JPMC also sent bouquet for Dr. Fatima Jawad presented by Dr. A. R Jamali.

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