Mental Health of Pakistani
Political Leadership

This refers to your “Off the Record” column entitled Mental Health of Pakistani Political Leadership published in September 1, 2014 issue. It took me to my school days as my uncle who is no more in this world used to say so often that I still remember and I quote:

Har Shakh Pa Uloo Baitha Haiy
Unjam-e-Gulistan Keya Ho ga

It is even true today. I totally agree with Prof. Saad Bashir Malik’s recipe. Truly our’s is not democracy its dynasty. The dynasty of Bhutto’s and Sharif’s family and this nation still think we have a democratically elected leadership. What a pity? Is any body prepared to educate our poor, illiterate masses? Soon we are gong to be the fourth largest population in the world after China, India and United States.

Qaiser Rehman,
Karachi - Pakistan.

Note: The remedy is liberal doses of democracy at regular intervals (not dictatorship) and we will have a true democracy in the days to come - Editor

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