Thought Provokers

Delighted to receive your latest book entitled “Thought Provokers”. It is always a pleasure to read your incisive write-ups. May you continue to spread the Truth for years to come. With Warm Tender Regards.

Prof. T. S. Haroon
Lahore. Pakistan.

 Many thanks for sending me a copy of the collection of your “Off The record” columns published as a book entitled “Thought Provokers”. It will be a useful addition to the CBEC library. Despite the difficulties I admire you for your continuing struggle against the ills of this country. I also appreciate, and am touched by, your dedicating the book to your wife - it is not often enough that spouses receive due credit.

Prof. Farhat Moazam
Chairperson CBEC, SIUT,
Karachi. Pakistan.

Need for more good quality
Peer Reviewed Biomedical Journals

This refers to your off the record column entitled “Need for more good quality Peer Reviewed Biomedical journals”, in Pulse July 1-15,2014. I would like to inform you about the progress that the Journal of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Pakistan (JSOGP) has made since my first contact with you, about this journal, when copies of the first two issues of JSOGP 2011, were sent to you, so that you may like to evaluate it as an upcoming contribution to peer reviewed Biomedical journals.

Currently this journal is Recognized by PMDC and HEC and is indexed in Copernicus International, Directory of Research Journal Indexing (DRJI) and index Medicus-Eastern Mediterranean Region (IMEMR). It is a specialty organization journal. I being its editor-in-chief, am fully dedicated to it, on account of my fondness for such ventures, devoting whole time to it, free of any compensation, of course. Having retired from service obligations, with minimal private practice, I indulge in academics (study, writing, attending meetings/conferences and delivering talks etc).

At JSOGP front I work with honesty of purpose and with devotion. I personally (over and above that done by other editors) proof read and edit proof after proof 4-5 times rounds. I check each article, its each page, as per Vancouver system and ICMJE journal instructions to the authors and of course English grammar and punctuation norms.

There are a good number of scientific and managing editors working with me, who have by now developed worthwhile technical knowhow. An excellent staff member, Mr. Syed Aftab is working with us. He manages the graphics, layout and other related matters like coordinating with authors, reviewers and all other concerned including the press. He very efficiently places each issue of JSOGP online at www.jsogp.net and also takes care of journal indexing in various data base systems etc. Moreover we try not to make the authors wait too long.

Although we are trying to increase the number of research articles in each issue, which should be no problem after currently planned improved circulation of the journal and further recognition by bodies like CPSP, etc. It has to be realised that it is a quarterly journal and each issue must be ready every 3 months.

Ensuring ONTIME, online and print versions and meeting deadlines at all costs requires tremendous efforts- by the Grace of Allah we are achieving all that. We practice double blind peer review system with both national and international reviewers. Authors are intimated about the reviewer`s comments and corrected versions received back by the editors and finally the articles come to me again for the needful. All of this is a time consuming process obviously.

Over the last 3 years JSOGP has made good progress quality wise, plagiarism being checked at HEC software. It is in pipeline for recognition by bodies like CPSP, Pakmedinet, Health Index, Excerpta Medica and Biobase. We hope to catch up with the requirements for being covered by pub-med, Reuter Thompson`s Science citation, Index expanded on Web, known for Impact Factor, in due course of time. Hard work continues to improve visibility of this journal.

We are also planning, in near future to introduce Consort statement and Consort diagram as a requirement for research articles, to upgrade their quality and transparency. Till volume 3(4) the journal has been distributed free of cost, despite the fact that the society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has not been able to afford much, yet the Managing Committee has been generating funds, with some recent financial help from HEC, which is hoped to be enhanced in near future. However excluding the complimentary copies, a nominal amount is being charged from Volume 4(1) onwards.

Prof. Khalida Adeeb Khanum Akhtar
Editor-in-chief JSOGP
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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