Kh. Saadiq Husain - the noblest
soul in the medical profession
and Pakistan

What a pleasure to read letter by Prof. Khwaja Saadiq Husain entitled “Truth must be Told” in Pulse International of July 1st 2014. I never told him that I adore him, but I truly do. He, for me is one of the noblest souls in the profession and the country as a whole.
Decades ago we travelled together to the USA. One of the multinational Pharmaceutical firm hosted a dinner for us. The CEO of the company made some patronizing remarks. Both Khwaja Sahib and I felt the remarks were uncalled for. I whispered to him that one of us must treat the host to an appropriate reply. Not being sure of my ability to employ soft vocabulary, I requested Khwaja Sahib if he would render the service on behalf of us all. Khwaja Sahib did it. And by God, he did it magnificently. Couched in courteous and polite words, he hit the hosts on the head in his naturally gentle style. He told them that hosting us on the occasion was no favour to us. On the contrary, they should feel honored by our sacrificing our time, comfort and cash for being there that night. The host had meant to raise his head high and keep ours bent low. Khwaja Sahib made it work the other way round.
Truly a man to remember. Please convey my feelings to him.
Yours ever sincerely

Prof. Alaf Khan.
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Late Prof. Iftikhar Ahmad Remembered

You have paid a very beautiful tribute and gave excellent overview of Prof Iftikhar Ahmad’s outstanding achievements in the write up published in Pulse International June 15-30 2014. In fact he deserves that honor which he earned through his commitment, contribution and leadership. Perhaps not many other doctors can have such a high privilege. He played a significant role in the struggle of medical profession and never hesitated to lead when ever and where ever he was needed. He was always sincere and honest and never betrayed the professional interests.
The nation lost on June 1st 2014 a high profile professional in his death. He was respected by young and old and by all cadres and disciplines of doctors and by variety of intellectuals. He was blessed with fine qualities of head and heat explicit as teacher, examiner, administrator, academician and unannounced leader of medical profession. He was a professor of medicine but served as Principal of AIMC & King Edward Medical Colleges, President of PMA, patron of PDO (young doctors association in govt service), secretary health and chairman CMIT Pb. His induction as secretary health was a miracle as strong bureaucracy forcefully resists placement of any technical professional against a key post responsible for policy & postings. If some competent and equally strong expert is ever inducted, he is neither accepted nor supported by sister departments in fulfilling his obligations so that he fails.
Late Prof. Iftikhar Ahmad was a man of integrity, courage, wit and intellect who prevailed against all hurdles while in secretariat. Though he could not resolve doctors multiple problems as it would have justified a medical doctor placement, yet he helped to bring discipline and dignity to doctors and tried to minimize their sufferings at the hands of bureaucracy and its section office culture. He helped Prof Eice Muhammad President PDO, a victim of martial law for his release and acquittal and reinstatement in service. He was a fascinating orator, fluent in Punjabi, Urdu and English and always quoted Bulley Shah, Sultan Bahu and Iqbal. Quaid e Azam was his ideal. He knew how to fight for the cause without much offence. He was patient, not fee friendly and never charged doctors in his private consultation. He was a determined fighter for doctor’s service rights. He was honest to the profession and to the country. He needs to be remembered by profession as well as by State for his meritorious services and excellent qualities.

Dr. S Anwaar Ahmad Bugvi
Ex Advisor & Ex Additional Secretary Health Punjab,
Lahore - Pakistan.

 Reducing risk of Coronary Artery Disease

Researchers at Massachusetts’s General Hospital, after scouring DNAs of thousands of patients have discovered 4 mutations in a single gene, which not only lower the level of triglycerides in the blood, but also significantly reduce in that particular person, the risk of coronary disease.
These 4 (rare) mutations cripple the same gene APOC3, suggesting a new and powerful strategy of developing new drugs against heart diseases. The research also sheds light that it is high levels of triglycerides rather than low HDL which is the major culprit in Heart Diseases. The researchers sequenced genes of 4000 people and discovered that individuals carrying just one such mutation in APOC3 had almost 40% lower triglyceride levels. APOC3 protein is mainly made in liver and from there pours into blood stream. There it is thought to prevent the
removal of TG-rich lipo-proteins from the blood, particularly their clearance following a meal.
Researchers analyzed over 110,000 patient samples, genotyping the relevant parts of APOC3 gene, and compared the heart attack rates of those carrying the mutations with those without the mutations. In the mutation carrying group, they found 40% lower rates of coronary disease, suggesting inhibition of APOC3 as a potential strategy for therapeutic purposes. The study was published in the ‘New England Journal of Medicine’.”

Dr. Zaheer Asgahr Khan,
285-D, DHA, Lahore
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