Plight of a Medical Editor

Burewala always reminded me of the great living legend of Cricket Waqar Younas, but I only learned about Burewala as the birth place of another living legend, the Medical journalist none other than Shaukat Ali Jawaid after reading "Plight of a Medical Editor” his autobiography.

Plight of a Medical Editor is the life story of an ambitious man who started his journey from scratch to the present state of international fame and prosperity without any bribes involved nor any wrong doings. This shows that one who follows the rule, “hard focused work with consistency, persistency and "Sabr”, never fails. At this moment I would like to define the meaning of the Arabic word "Sabr”, it does not carry the Urdu meaning of sitting idle doing nothing but the word actually means continued struggle against all odds, in return Allah blesses you with achievement of your goals in life with numerous successes, this is what happened to you, you continued your good work with "Sabr" and was blessed by God Al-Mighty.

Book also reveals the inner stories and tactics of some Pharma industry individuals and black sheep of medical profession as well.

It also reminded me of some very old names of medical personalities like, Prof.Salar Akhtar Aziz whose wife Dr.Nusrat Aziz was working in Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar in Gynae /obst department during my school/college days, her name was familiar to me because my mother was treated by her. Similarly the names of living legends like Dr. Muhammad Rehman, of Rehman Medical College and Institute, Peshawar, (my class fellow in medical college) and Prof.A.J.Khan the founder Principal of Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad. In addition one gets a chance of knowing different cultures of the countries the author visited and one wanders around in imagination visiting various places around the world.

During my brief face to face introduction and interaction during the night I traveled with you to Peshawar from Chamkani (GSK's headquarters) after attending dinner hosted by GSK,in connection with the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of The Khyber Medical College, Peshawar on 21st December 2004 along with Prof.Tariq Mufti on his car.(he was the Chief Executive of Ayub Hospital Complex at that time),though I was a reader of "Medical News" and later "Doctor" therefore was familiar with your name ,but met you for the first time that night, I never knew at that time that I am in a company of a talented, up right personality who has such a passion for his profession that he never misses a chance to attend any medical seminars in Pakistan or abroad to gain knowledge and report the events first hand.

Except for a few spelling mistakes and some grammatical errors here and there, it is a wonderful book to read. I congratulate you on this great effort of yours and pray for further success in life for you. May God Al-Mighty bless you.

In the end a humble suggestion, you interviewed lot of very high ups in the medical field, but let me remind you that a lot of hardworking, honest family physicians do exist all over Pakistan providing basic health services to the common man in competition with an army of quakes who remain Scot free to play with lives of the ignorant masses. I suggest that such Family Physicians should also be selected for interviews which might pave the way for our young upcoming medical graduates to select this challenging and very rewarding field of medicine.

Last but not the least I often highlight that bacterial resistance to antibiotics is a major health issue now and is going to be a big problem in near future, therefore in my opinion if a single step is taken and somehow implemented in letter and spirit then we might be able to control it, IF WE MAKE SURE THAT NO ANTIBIOTIC IS AVAILABLE TO ANY BODY WITHOUT THE PRESCRIPTION OF A QUALIFIED MEDICAL DOCTOR.

Dr. Munawar Aziz.
M.C.P.S. (Family Medicine)
Habibullah Colony,
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Late Prof. F.U. Baqai 


I was saddened to know the sad demise of Professor Dr. Fareed Uddin Baqai. He was a great man. His innumerous services as a Reformer, Philanthropist, Medical Educationist, a leader and a great Human would be remembered for years to come. There is so little to do to mitigate grief in such circumstances. May Almighty Allah bless his soul with eternal peace and grant courage to the grieved family to bear this irreparable loss (Aamen).

Prof.Maj. Gen.( R ) Muhammad Aslam FCPS, PhD
Pro Vice Chancellor,
National University of Medical Sciences,
Rawalpindi. Pakistan.

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