Truth Must Be Told

Thank you for always giving me full coverage of what I say at various functions but honestly what I say I mean it from the bottom of my heart irrespective of how it is received by the audience. I realize what I said at CPSP Charter Day Celebrations meeting at Karachi last month might have rubbed some people the wrong way but the Truth must be told and I hope the message reaches at least some. Thanking you for supporting my views.

I have been following in the Pulse International the discussion on treatment (or should we call it Cheatment) abroad. Talking about fake illnesses and Cheatment it is essentially an illness of chronic politicians, crooks facing conviction or senesce. The tragedy of the whole process is that the medical profession is necessarily invariably involved with disastrous unethical consequences.

The MC (medical certificate) instantly transforms into a Miracle Cure. The angina disappears, the kidneys start functioning again and the oxygen saturation is at its natural best promptly as soon as bail is granted. I just cannot imagine who believes who is bluffing whom? When such an act is done by One person for his personal interests one can perhaps understand (though NOT condone it) but when large groups, political parties, or institutions involve themselves in such crimes, then nothing more needs to be said except Allah Guide us. I meant only to thank you for your cooperation and not depress you. Please forgive me.

With renewed thanks and praying for better days, which seems so far far away, and always praying that Allah gives you the courage to continue your Jihad in “Off the Record” column which is always On the Record.

Prof. Khawaja Saadiq Husain FRCP, FCPS,
49-Zafar Ali Road,
Lahore. Pakistan.

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