Un-natural death of Doctors: 
Can it be prevented?

I just came across this article by Prof. Altaf Hussain Rathore published in Pulse International through Google search engine. I have written to the author pointing out that people in Pakistan are free to write anything for anyone. There is no law or ethical values there. But I am really under utter shock to see my Father's name in this write-up One should not quote wrong facts about people whom one does not know. My father was one of the youngest professor of surgery and Principal of Medical College.

He had no clinic or practice out of Nawabshah. This fact can be verified from people of Nawabshah and all of interior Sindh about it. Only then you will realize how much respect and love people still give him after 27 years of his departure (he passed away in an accident on 30th November 1989 after visiting a friend) not from his clinic in Hyderabad. He had no practice in Hyderabad. The author must apologize for writing something based on incorrect facts.

Dr. Fouzia Memon
Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician
University Hospital North Cumbria
United Kingdom.

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