Book Review

Dear Shaukat Ali Jawaid sahib

Thank you very much for the elaborate feature on my humorous poetry related to medicine.I am really grateful that after studying the books  thoroughly  you have given your opinion about my poetry .I would like to point out an error that following qita Stanza

written by Prof Anwer Masood was quoted erroneously in my poetry. Kindly correct it.

I had never thought that a very short meeting of few minutes Rawalpindi would result in disclosure of such a great personality like you .Your autobiography is an excellent example of self- made persons who have excelled in their field. Hope to see and read more of your writings especially your esteemed column “Off the Record” in Pulse International.

Dr. S. Mazhar Abbas Rizvi
Consultant Paediatrician
NIRM, Islamabad.

Note: This inadvertent mistake is regretted - Chief Editor.

How Doctors Die?

Dear Shaukat Jawaid Saheb, 

This refers to your Off the Record column “How Doctors Die” published in Pulse International of February 1, 2016.  You have touched on one of my favorite topics: approach and attitude of doctors at time of death of their patients. An article which I wrote on request of a colleague for his newsletter, is attached, and reflects on this subject.

Dr. Sohail Akhtar, FRCP, 
Professor of Medicine, Consultant Chest Physician,
Ziauddin University, Karachi
Pakistan Islamic Medical Association

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