Thought Provokers

Bravo. I am thankful to you for the gift of your book “Thought Provokers” Well said Sir, I am an old fan of “Off the Record” column of yours. Its’ a unique rendition in prose that defies the definition of an editorial suitable for a scientific publication nor does it fit well in the tradition of an Urdu column that we are so used to reading every day. Yet this is the first thing that I read laying my hands upon the fresh copy of Pulse International. I find it addictive as a reader.

The book is a compilation of periodical publication of your observations in Pulse International through the years 2010-13.  “Thought Provokers” takes us back and forth wielding our attention to the current affairs of the era. Your technique of adding anecdotes to your writing makes the reading easy, solicits interest and glues us to reading till the end. You have been around our profession since your youth and  you know most of the well-known doctors of the country. The crafty usage of the anecdotes is masterly. The comments of a Mr Washwrook an Indian ICS about Quaid e Azam, your analysis of Makhdoomzada Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s future and Mr A Seicuk our Turk brother reiterating essentiality of education are the non-medical examples of the scope the author exercises while writing. Our medical field though isolated and pretty introvert needs this amalgamation of views in order to put our problems in their true perspective. I dare say you are a ruthless journalist when dissecting our shortcomings. The lack of listening skill that most of us exhibit as endorsed by Prof Norman Sartotius and Prof. Mahmood Ali Malik is very welcome. You spare no one when the time necessitates criticism. You are the Black Box of our profession! Anyone wanting to document and chronolize the history of our time will find this book very relevant.

But I love it when you do not hesitate from acknowledging the silver lining to the clouds of gloom that are so commonly portrayed over our current affairs when you name CPSP, various NGOs, SIUT, SKMHRC, LRBT and philanthropy by a lot of Pakistanis as beacons of hope. Thank you  Shaukat Sahib for keeping us in the perspective. The book is a very befitting gift.

Prof. Faisal Nazeer Hussain
Lahore - Pakistan.

Simulations Conference
at UHS Lahore

I recently attended few sessions of International Conference on Simulations, Simulated and Standardized patients in Health Professions Education at University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore. I appreciate your coverage of this conference in great detail. It was an excellent educational activity. Few important observations worth mentioning that I would like to share with readers are following.

 Firstly it was so heartening to note large number of bookstalls at the venue. This was in stark difference to another educational conference in the city on same dates at a five star hotel where large exhibition of pharmaceutical companies was organized. The registration fee of conference at UHS was nominal. The host institute provided number of facilities to participants from within and outside country that attracted large audience. This type of activity at an educational place should be a learning point for other associations and organizations. The credit goes to Vice Chancellor of UHS, Prof. Maj. Gen. (Retd) Muhammad Aslam for being great host who has set an example for others to follow. Another very heartening scene to note was absent of flags, pictures and banners of political parties which has spoiled the very educational look of various hospitals, institutes and medical colleges in the country. This again is an example of good administrator who ensures strict discipline to maintain sanctity of educational institutes.  

Dr. Jamshed Akhtar
Paediatric Surgeon
National Institute of Child Health,

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