Book review on
Dil Rawaan Dawwan”

Thank you for your review of my book Dil Rawaan Dawwan” the history of cardiac surgery in Punjab. I am happy that you have highlighted the role played by General Malik Shaukat Hassan, Mr. J A Dyed in my professional training. You have very correctly appreciated the role which Prof. M Rehman played in training our staff. I always remember a saying from Kazghkhstan "when you drink from a well always remember the person who built it". Once again I thank you for the time and the trouble to translate and highlighting the people who helped me in my career and the dedication of the book to my father.

I also take this opportunity to thank you for placing the whole book review in one page to ensure that its pdf is available on Pulse International website. Your “Off the Record” column in the same issue “Remembering one’s Benefactors” is very appropriate. Heads of some units actually acted as god’s .They were thus not welcomed in their units after retirement. I also thoroughly enjoyed reading your autobiography “Plight of a Medical Editor”.  The ups & downs of life you faced with courage and devotion and full trust in God almighty is remarkable. Please accept my heartiest congratulations.

Prof. Masood Cheema
Cardiac Surgeon
Lahore – Pakistan.

 Symposium on
Child Psychiatry

Thank you so much Shaukat Sahib for forwarding the website link to coverage of Symposium on Child Psychiatry held at Faisalabad recently. It is a wonderful coverage of the event. Much appreciated all your support for Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry in Pakistan.

Dr. Waqar Azeem

 Ambassadors of
Goodwill for Pakistan

This refers to your Off the Record column entitled “Ambassadors of Goodwill for Pakistan” published in November 15th 2017 issue.  In fact this column is very much “On the Record”. Yes our media has miserably failed and I would like to appreciate your views to put it rightly on record.

It is pathetic and if by mistake you tune in a channel you end up blaming yourself “Why Am I listening/Watching” this nonsense most of the time. Hats off to the companies sponsoring such programmes.

Now the good in “US” which keeps us going is the professionals and doctors like Prof. Mumtaz Maher. As rightly mentioned by you he is an eminent surgeon a true professional and a very good human being- an asset to our medical fraternity and country who rightly deserves acknowledgement and appreciation. But who will do this? We need educated people to be in the media for health updates. I wish more people like you to come forward or we will lose it all.

Qaiser Rehman
Karachi – Pakistan.

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