Training Course for
Medical Editors at PIMS

Thank you very much for you kind email. In fact as a student of medial journalism I am learning from each and every action of your good-self. The care, compassion, consideration and kindness which were evident in your last email were full of lessons for me and indeed moved me a lot. The interaction with you during the Training Course for Medical |Editors which you facilitated at PIMS changed many of my perceptions about medical journalism, editorship and authorship. With all the honesty I acknowledge that my article submitted to your journal website was not up to the mark to be published in your very well reputed journal (which is our pride and we must not lower its standard at any cost) and even then you were so gracious to honor my request.

As suggested I decided to improve this manuscript which took some time hence this delay. I have substantially revised and improved the manuscript and hope now you will find it much better and it will be accepted for further processing and review.

Lt. Col. Muhammad Alamgir Khan
Professor of Physiology
Army Medical College,
Rawalpindi. Pakistan.

Reception for Mr. Latif Sheikh

Dear Shaukat Sahab ASA This is to thank you for a great evening at the Arena Club for Latif Sheikh. And a big thank you for sending your autobiography. I read some extracts of it and was happy to see your uprightness in upholding the truth. This is most important. The truth has to be told and bitter or otherwise, that is the least we can do Please keep it up. Ins ha ALLAH.

Nadeem Mustafa Khan
Aga Khan University,
Karachi – Pakistan.
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