Prevention and treatment of diabetic
retinopathy, and BIRDEM

I read with interest your “Off The Record” column “Prevention and treatment of diabetic retinopathy”. You have rightly praised the devotion and dedication of Prof Ibrahim in establishing and developing ‘BIRDEM’ in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has gone far ahead of us in every field of health due to sterling contributions of their health care professionals. In this respect I would like to mention the contributions of Maj. General A.R. Khan (Lt Col at MH RWP) who retired as Director of Medical Services of the Bangladesh Armed Forces and took over as the Head of the BIRDEM. He made immense contributions and took BIRDEM to dizzy heights.
Lt. Col. A.R. Khan worked as a medical specialist at MH RWP before 1971, heading the MH department of Medicine. He was a highly dedicated and devoted professional who spent his time mostly seeing patients and teaching students least caring for private practice and led a very simple life. He stayed in UK on deputation for two years-did not bring a car- was riding a bicycle.
Brig. Nawab Ali (cardiologist) and Brig M. Malik who in his mid eighties is still working with missionary zeal as the Head of the Bangladesh Cardiovascular institute.

Lt. Gen. Mahmud Ahmad Akhtar
Former Surgeon General/DGMS/IS
Pakistan Armed Forces
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Aspirin-the miracle life saving
drug and cancers

“What a boon Allah has given us in the shape of Aspirin, so cheap and so useful in a variety of ailments, from simple fever to diseases of heart. A recent research carried on in Queen Mary Hospital in London has now revealed that taking small doses of Aspirin also reduces the risk of cancer of esophagus, stomach and bowel by 35-40 %. But this happens only in people above 65 years of age, who have been taking 75-100 mg Aspirin daily for at least for five years.
Of course there is the risk in some cases of developing gastric bleeding, which may prove even fatal in a very small number of people so affected. But for a large number of cases it saves lives from bowel cancers.”

Dr Zaheer Asgahr Khan,
285-D, DHA, Phase I,
Lahore Cantt, Lahore.

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