A kind hearted cardiologist
serving the rural community

Dear Shaukat Jawaid Sahib

I was glad to read your recent “ Off the record “ column on the above mentioned title published in Pulse International of September 15th 2017. It has commended Dr. Abdul Sattar Lodhra & his services to the community. There is no dearth of such gems in Pakistan but the only drawback is nobody appreciates their efforts.

Pulse International is read by a large number of Doctors & other related to medical community. This is a very good gesture recognizing the services & efforts made by a Medical Doctor working in a low privileged area. I hope you would continue searching such brave & kindhearted doctors all across Pakistan who are serving the nation in letter & spirit.

Dr. Mubeen Malik
MBBS, Dip Card (London)
Cardiologist Medical Director
Family Hospital Heart Clinic
Village Punjan Kisana
G T Road, Kharian-Pakistan
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