“I beg you for an
Extension in service Sir”

Your recent column” Off the Record” on the above mentioned title published in Pulse International of November 1st 2020 is a timely reminder for doctors to maintain their dignity and not compromise the steam of the medical profession in the public domain. Over the years the doctors have lost their high level of respect which was previously granted to them by the public.

Doctors have always been regarded as a profession of great respect and prestige. In Islamic culture the name Hakeem itself is a symbol of respect during the glorified period of Islamic medicine. The doctors used to be given higher protocols than the ministers in Darbar.

During my years at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and as a Principal Karachi Medical and Dental College, I had my brushes with VIPs and it was distracting to see doctors behaving in the most undignified ways to appear good in the eyes of politicians and administrators.

For record purposes I politely declined the offer of extension by the then Governor of Sindh who was a chief guest at our annual symposium. With blessing of the Almighty I retired on 30 April 1996.

Prof. Ejaz Ahmed Vohra
Director Postgraduate
Ziauddin University
Karachi. Pakistan.
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