Maqbool Jafary Memorial
Scholarship Prize

Respected Shaukat Sahib,

It is indeed an honor to be bestowed with such prestigious prize Dr. Maqbool H. Jafary Memorial prize for junior Editors. For a beginner like me, the world of medical editing always seemed fascinating but it was indeed You who introduced us all to the real side of it. The amalgamation of the practical aspect of medical editing and your life experiences was unique and inspiring.

I wish to incorporate all values that you had inculcated in us during these sessions to my professional and teaching domain.

I was indeed blessed to have a mentor whose intellectual acumen and professionalism was reflected in all the feedbacks and he never let me feel down about any of my effort. The words are not enough to express how grateful I am to all of you for this opportunity.

 Dr. Saima Aleem,
Participant of CME Batch Two,
Peshawar - Pakistan.
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