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Thank you Shaukat Ali Jawaid Sb, Dr Fatema Jawad, Prof Jamshed Akhtar and all others who are struggling for a good cause. In your communication to the HEC sent on behalf of Pakistan Association of Medical Editors (PAME)You have discussed the problem in minute detail and have brightened the picture before the HEC. It can be hoped that the HEC will consider the ground position seriously and will take wise decisions to prevent collapse of research and research publication in Pakistan. The system can and must develop stepwise and not in a single jump to top which can obviously cause casualties.

Your wise and sincere efforts are always appreciated and will make history in the long journey of scientific publishing in Pakistan.

 Muhammad Ayub 
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Azad Kashmir

Muslim Woman break Fast to donate
Blood to a Hindu Patient

 This refers to a news report published in the media that a Muslim woman has broken Fast to donate blood to a Hindu patient I would suggest that we should not be so sentimental about such issues. Would I break my fast if I cut my finger with a razor and it bleeds? Is my fast broken if I cough up blood-laden-sputum or spit out my saliva? What about peeing and pooping? What about persons who are prone to nose bleeds and have such episodes while fasting: is their fast broken? Bleeding from an injured body part, from nose or gums, in the urine, or donation of blood is not the same as menstrual or puerperal bleed.

As a practicing physician for over forty years, I have, on several occasions, let fasting donors donate blood to their sick relatives. The donors continued their fast till after the sunset without any compunction. I am requesting the Editor of Pulse International (Karachi) to invite our Islamic scholars and members of the medical community to express their opinions on this issue by contributing in Pulse International for the information of healthcare professionals at large.
This is a good enough occasion to raise another couple of common issues:

  1. The Quran repeatedly prohibits the consumption of blood. Now, think of the mince and meat you bring home to eat. Just place them in some water in a pot. The water will go red. Isn’t that blood? What about cooking and eating those delicious items still containing blood?
  2. Forbidden too is the consumption of the flesh of the swine = ----------------------- It is always the flesh of the swine. Allah would not have confined the ban to just flesh alone if every part of that animal was meant to be unlawful. But many Muslims, especially Pakistani ones, refrain from using toothbrushes made of bristle and avoid the consumption of anything that contains gelatin.
  3. An edict by consensus on these problems will greatly ease the psychological problems of the Muslims who observe these restrictions faithfully. Thank you all. May Allah bless you.

 Dr. Alaf Khan
United States
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Yes. May Allah bless her for saving a life at the expense of her duty of Fasting. This issue is rather complex. So let us not be very emotional and think this is the way to remove prejudice or show sympathy against non-Muslims. Although, there are many other ways to show our sympathy yet this is the best way. It needs real courage.

Though, breaking her fast is rather upsetting. Even though she did it to save the life.The question is why couldn’t they wait until evening and after finishing her fast?. Unless the person was going to die if not done right away. Well, she can feed one poor for breaking the fast.


Gulshan Aalani
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