Research Methodology Workshops
by CPSP and late Prof. Sultan Faruqui

It is always an honour to read your writings. I am really impressed that your analysis of situation is based on reality and truth. I am surprised that you and your colleagues had the vision to conduct workshop on Research Methodology and Medical Writing at CPSP in 1995. Indeed Prof. Sultan Farooqi had the leadership qualities and he brought many revolutionary changes in medical education. However, his efforts towards promotion of research were not possible without good piece of advice and sincere advisors.

You did a great job and still striving hard for promoting research in Pakistan. The dilemma is most of the medical specialists do know the importance of research and are also reluctant to spare their energies for it. Hats off to you for always giving your unlimited support and energies for research training and motivational role. In your autobiography “Plight of an Editor” I can see your devotion to noble cause and your great achievement of always supporting truth, curiosity and research.

Dr. Saira Afzal
Chairperson and Head
Department of Community Medicine,
King Edward Medical University,
Lahore. Pakistan.

Well written Shaukat Sb.  I understand your viewpoint because majority of the CPSP Fellows do not understand the difference between dissertation and journal article. I always tell my trainees to prepare a sketch of synopsis and take it to the workshop for correction. Actually it is “Dissertation writing and Research Methodology” workshop in my opinion. Those who have an aptitude for research writing or don’t have the aptitude but follow an academic career pursue writing. Those who get involved in clinical practice only forget all about it once they pass.

Dr. Saba Sohail
Karachi. Pakistan.

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