Royal College of Physicians
Conference in Pakistan

Many thanks. We have received very generous coverage of our talks and discussions at International Medial Conference at Lahore during February 2016 in Pulse International. This was a valuable contact.

David Warrell
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 Late Dr. Ali Muhammad Chaudhry:
A Physician Par Excellence

Dear Shaukat Uncle,

Just received Pulse international recent issue along with some additional copies. Thank you so much.The way you wrote about my dearest father brought tears in my eyes.No doubt he was a true Muslim, a great patriot, a follower of Quaid- e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. His love for Allah SWT Prophet Muhammad PBUH and Quran Majeed was very much obvious through his daily practice. He not only gave us worldly wisdom but fear and care for hereafter as well. I remember few people whom he often use to make part of his past good memories were you and late Col. M. H. Shah. May Allah SWT rest his soul in peace and give us strength through Sabr to bear this great loss Ameen. Thanks a lot once again for all your concern.

Dr. Alia Ali 
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Late Dr. Ali Muhammad Chaudhry was a great physician and a noble person. His vacuum has always been felt in Hyderabad. May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace? Ameen. I am personally obliged to you by putting my photograph with this legend of the medical profession on the front page of Pulse International of May 1st 2016. This is really memorable.

Prof. Feroze Memon
Hyderabad, Pakistan.

Thanks for an excellent write up on late Dr. Ali Muhammad Chaudhry in your Off the Record column published in May 1st 2016 issue of Pulse International. He was a very learned man and a kind hearted physician who deserved all this.

Dr. Usman Ghani
Karachi - Pakistan.

Dear Shaukat Sahib,

An excellent write-up on late Dr. Ali Muhammad Chaudhry Consultant Cardiologist in Hyderabad published in” Off the Record” column of May 1st issue of Pulse International. Please keep up the good work. We must recognize the good work of pioneers like him.

Aslam Sheikh
Country Manager,
Lundbeck Pakistan.

Special feature on
Islam Medical & Dental College

This is to thank you for visiting our institution and publishing a detailed comprehensive report on Islam Medical and Dental College in your esteemed publication “Pulse International” of April 1st 2016. We appreciate your gesture of highlighting our institution which is imparting medical education and making the information available to your readership within Pakistan and overseas.

M. Islam
Islam Medical and Dental College,
Sialkot - Pakistan.

An appreciation

Dear Shaukat Sb,

First of all, words of appreciation for the quality of articles and material published in Pulse International. The contents and layout deserves appreciation for professional work. I will also take this opportunity to request the inclusion of material/news/article from the Punjab Healthcare Commission in your esteemed publication.

Sajjad Hafeez
Sr. Manager Communication,
Punjab Healthcare Commission
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Life Saving Medicines 
& Pharma Industry

This refers to the Pharma Industry’s complaints about the non-availability of medicines ingredients, as reported in the press. The availability of essential medicines is a basic need of people therefore a fundamental human right enshrined in the constitution and the International Covenants to which Pakistan Govt is signatory. Essential medicine is defined a medicine which is efficacious, relatively safe, affordable, cost effective fulfilling the needs of a large majority of the people i.e. over 90%. The definition elderly highlights its indispensability for the life of the people. In Pakistan a large number of essential medicines including life-saving ones are either not available or disappear from the markets at different places and for various time periods. Unfortunately Pakistan is the only country in the world seized with this humanitarian problem.Even in the SAARC countries not only the essential medicines are easily available but the Govts provide essential medicines to their poor people without cost.

On the other hand Pakistan’s markets are flooded with irrational harmful medicines robbing people of their health and meager financial resources. The non availability of essential medicines is one of the main reason for Pakistan’s highest death toll in all the age groups- the highest still birth rate in the world, Pak 40/1000 world less than 14/1000 and also in new born, infants, children, maternal, adult etc and one of the shortest life spans in the world.It is terrible shameful situation. Our Mughal Shahi rulers are totally oblivious to the miseries of the Pakistani people. Pakistani rulers should adopt every endeavour to provide Essential Medicines to the people at all times and everywhere.

Pharma companies should be facilitated to produce Essential Medicines. In the Pharma industry’s demands there is a mention of non availability of ephedrine ingredient. It should be borne in mind that ephedrine is no longer used in cough syrup etc due to its serious side effects, toxicity including strokes and cardiac complications and better medicine like salbutamol etc are available. Ephedrine is not included in the WHO Essential list of medicines and not recommended for therapies by all in the authentic books of medicine, pharmacology etc. It is abused for preparation of toxic narcotics- ephedrine scandals are well known.

The only valid use is of ephedrine injection if the blood pressure fall precipitously during spinal anaesthesia- an extremely rare situation. By 1976 Drug Act the Govt is empowered to enforce the Pharma companies to provide continuous supply of essential medicines. Of course the Government should provide all genuine facilities and resolve their difficulties, remove impediments if any so that essential medicines are available to the people everywhere and at all times. Irrational, harmful medicines should be deregistered, removed from the markets to safeguard people’s lives.

Prof. Emeritus Lt. Gen.Mahmud Ahmad Akhtar
Former Surgeon General Army/
Principal Army Medical College.

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