Making the Death more expensive

This refers to your Off the Record column in May 1st 2013 issue entitled “Making the Death more expensive”. You have always kept your fingers on the national indeed international pulse of physicians.
What a useful piece of write up on terminal care. In the Palliative care units in the UK, we see a bed side notice. It says TLC, meaning thereby tender, loving , care. The concept of therapeutic nihilism and discreet euthanasia such as the controversial Liverpool pathways are causing much debate in the UK. I have written couple of essays in my new book on medical ethics, due to be publishes soon, and would seek your indulgence in one of the essays , that ill dispatch you soon.
Kudos and keep your digits on Pak pulse. It is showing some signs of Wankeback phenomenon, and may need a pace maker!

Shabih H. Zaidi
West Indies.

Thank you so much for the very interesting assay “Making the Death more expensive” in your recent “Off the Record” column published in May 15th 2013 issue. I do completely agree with you and I just wanted to say that my mother in law has died few days ago from the cancer in the very late stage and we paid too much money to save her life but it was useless and the physicians were highly infected with the materialistic viruses as you mentioned. I feel so sorry that most of our Muslim physicians have forgotten the basic principles of professional ethics.

Thanks a lot.

Younis Abdelwahab Skaik,
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 CPSP and the professional specialty organizations

This refers to your “Off the Record” column on the above mentioned subject published in April 15th 2013 issue. I agree with your suggestion about involving the representatives of professional specialty organizations to have their input to improve postgraduate training in different specialties. The CPSP can have an additional body, may not be elected like the College Council. It can consist of members nominated by different specialty organizations representing different disciplines of medicine including sub-specialties. In case there is no professional body in any specialty, some one from that discipline can be nominated by the President CPSP or the Council. I will further suggest that there is no harm if any consultant who is an authority in any particular specialty from friendly countries like Saudi Arabia can also be inducted in this body.
Any matter pertaining to the training and evaluation can be referred to them before Putting to the Collage Council for final approval .This body should have at least one meeting in a Year to evaluate the progress and standard of the training and determine the level of the standard of the examination and number of the Specialists the Country require.

Prof.Altaf Hussain Rathore,FRC
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 AUB School of Medicine at Barbados


How can I ever thank you enough for a beautiful write up on AUB. You are a classical wordsmith indeed. What a wonderful intro.
You are also a true friend and a gentleman, Sir.

Shabih H.Zaidi
West Indies

Dear Mr. Jawid, 

It is a wonderful write on AUB. We are thrilled to read it! It is very kind of you to take your time to publish this article.

Anita Bhat
AUB School of Medicine
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