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Salam Shaukat Sahib,

Many thanks for sending me the copies of Pulse International. Like always you have covered the subject with your typical mastery and excellence.

You’re a true legend of medical journalism of our times. The mental health coverage, increased awareness and more importantly the role of ethical and moral watchdog of medical professionals- no one could have done it better than you. God bless you.


Prof. Fareed Aslam Minhas
Rawalpindi. Pakistan.

Dignity & Respect for Vice
Chancellors of Universities

This refers to your Off the Record column published in Pulse International of April 15th 2022 on the above mentioned topic.

Thanks for highlighting the internal problem of management of universities which we rarely talk about openly. The emotional ebb and flow of a Vice Chancellor in the private sector described by you in this column applies to most of the medical university CEOs in Pakistan. Presently in most of the countries in the world, it has been documented that medical institutes both for education like universities and hospitals are better managed by professional doctors. In our country management dynamics is difficult and needs attention for better outcomes of the institutes. In the private sector, the capability of a CEO is judged as how much he can collect money for the masters, with little consideration, if any, for professional merit or ethics. In the government sector, an administrator is judged by his/her ability of servility to powerful politicians and their cronies. Fortunately, or not, I have meagre experience in both sectors. Sometimes I will share with you and your readers some features of my saga and possible solutions.

With best Regards

 Prof. Ghulam Asghar Channa
Former Vice Chancellor, SMBBMU
Larkana. Pakistan.

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