Iran University of Medical 
Sciences Delegation’s visit to Pakistan

Dear Brother Shaukat Ali Jawaid,

It was a great surprise for me and a special gift from Allah to meet you unexpectedly in Lahore at University of Health Sciences during our recent visit to Lahore. By sure, let us remain in touch and keep on communicating and fostering collaborations for development of our Muslim Nations. I express our sincere thanks to Allah.
Best regards,

Tahereh Changiz MD, PhD
Professor of Medical Education
Educational Development Center
Isfahan University of 
Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran
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Dear Shaukat Ali Jawaid,

It was a great pleasure to meet you in Lahore. The Iranian team left your country with great memories. Thank you for publishing the report in the Pulse International; we will definitely share it with our colleagues as soon as we receive it. Referring to your inquiry regarding Dr. Ahmed Reza’s contact information, this is his phone number (0092 333 4451545). 

I wish you health, and hope to see you again.

Hamid M. M. Sadeghi, PhD
Director of University
International Affairs
Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran.

An appreciation

Dear Shaukat Sahib,

As I received the latest copy of PULSE International, started reading it, like always one gets so absorb as it carries very interesting and useful information. In my view no other publication from Pakistan covers such a wide spectrum of news, articles and reports from the medical sciences. I thought I must congratulate you for such a nice issue.

It was good to read about and good see a former colleague Professor Zahid Bashir in the group photo with the Johns Hopkins team. Wonderful! My best wishes are with you and your team.

 Prof. Anwar Siddiqui
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 “Jehad with a Pen”

Many thanks, received the copies of Fortnightly PULSE International February 15th issue and appreciate the topic Off the record “Jehad by Pen” by Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid. He May remember me when I was registrar with Professor I. H. Jafri in ENT Department, at Civil Hospital Karachi.

Dr. Anjum Naveed FRCS,
Senior Consultant ENT Department,
The Indus Hospital, , Karachi.

Women Empowerment or Feminism:
Facts and Myths about Feminization
of Medical Education

Thank you for sharing such an interesting piece of write-up Editorial on Feminization of Medical Education published in March-April 2020 issue of Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences. The topic has always been so near to my heart. I am glad Prof. Lubna Baig raised the voice over this issue on behalf of all females.

However, I am afraid, despite admissions with open merit, there is issues with female leadership positions. The stigma of male dominance prevails and sadly, the female gender also approve of it in some specialties. There is a dire need to change the mindset of public and doctors in general.

 Dr. Noorikiran Naeem
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