Phase-III Trial of
CanSino vaccine at UHS

This refers to your “Off the Record” column in Pulse International of February 15th 2021 regarding side effects of Covid vaccine. It was a pleasant surprise and your comments about me in particular are an asset for me and UHS. Just a small correction that the credit, if any, very well deservingly goes to the team of University of Health Sciences and I am only one humble part of the team. Kindly don`t spoil us as we all love you for your constructive criticism and keeping us on ethical pathway.

This pandemic which I call the 3rd world war as so far it has claimed around three million human lives inflicting unprecedented sorrow and grief to us. The sliver lining remains a rapid development and implementation of safe and effective vaccine program. Public sector organizations like UHS have demonstrated the ability to respond by producing quality research on fast track. We assembled a team of medical researchers with potential to put Pakistan in the forefront of innovation and research.

Now, at UHS we start yet another Phase III randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial to determine the safety and efficacy of ZF2001, a recombinant novel coronavirus vaccine (CHO cell) for the prevention of COVID-19, we look forward to your continued patronage and support in this endeavour.

I hope and pray for your safety with or without the active vaccine. I am personally grateful to you for volunteering for the CanSino trial as we were able to complete the trial in a very short period of time due to the spirit of volunteers like your good self. You are and shall always remain our role model in the field of medical journalism.

Prof. Javed Akram
Vice Chancellor,
University of Health Sciences,
Lahore – Pakistan.

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