Training Course for
Medical Journal Editors

We are grateful to you for choosing the University of Health Sciences, Lahore for arranging and facilitating a Two Day Workshop/ Training Course for Medical Journal Editors. The workshop was attended by medical editors from various universities, medical colleges and allied health sciences institutes. This workshop will certainly help in improving the quality of editing and will do the capacity building of the editors. The two day course provided opportunities for editors to meet other editors and discuss how to best manage their journals. We again thank you for doing this wonderful job.

Maj. Gen. Prof. Muhammad Aslam
Vice-Chancellor, University of Health Sciences,
Lahore- Pakistan.

Diabetes Care
in Pakistan

Dear Shaukat Saheb,

I have just read your thought provoking article on the above topic.I agree with most of the things you have mentioned. There is however some omission regarding our training program at AKUH.Our training program was started by Prof. Najmul Islam and Prof. Abdul Jabbar. Prof. Jaweed Akhtar was also actively involved till a year back, as he was the head of section of Endocrinology and diabetes. This position is now held by Prof. Najmul Islam. Although I have been associated with the training program from the very beginning, my title is Consultant Endocrinologist, Honorary Faculty, as I have been Non Full time from the very beginning of AKUH.I do appreciate your mentioning my name, but I can sure you will appreciate that credit should go to where it belongs.

The Director of Fellowship training program has been Prof. Najmul Islam till recently. As he is section head now, the new director of our training program is Dr. Aisha Sheikh, who is a very capable Consultant Endocrinologist. We have many other capable endocrinologists in our section. Most of these are products of our training program, and are contributing to training of our fellows as well as students.

Dr. Naeemul Haque
Karachi. Pakistan.

Book Review

Thank you very much for an enlightening feature on my Urdu Book about patients and doctors relation and effective listening, "Left Hand Kee Tang". You have read it thoroughly and given an excellent review which was published in Pulse international, for that I am extremely grateful.This book is available at "Welcome Books" Pakistan. 

Prof M. Saeed Minhas 
Prof. of Orthopaedic

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