Universal Quality
Education-Book Review

I am delighted to read your marvelous review of my book” Universal Quality Educaiton: A challenge to the Whole World:”. It has taught me many lessons. I often think of the good old days when you and Rahimullah Yousafzai were the two young highly enthusiastic journalists in the field of medical journalism. While your resilience took you to the peak of medical journalism, Rahimullah’s diverse interest in other fields led him to adopt general print media.
It is highly impressive how you have used multicolored blocks to high light the main themes. I did not know that this concept could be used in books as well. Your idea of brief chapters in books certainly makes it easy for readers to keep on reading as convenient. I will try my best to avoid long sentences which my friend Dr. Alaf Khan also advised me.
This book was submitted for publication in November, 2011 and was taken up for printing in a hurried manner in the end of September, 2012 and when two weeks later I had a heart attack and went through a Coronary Bypass. That was the reason for printing errors. Interestingly no body, including myself, before you noticed the absence of the author’s name on the title page. Do you have any suggestions about changing/modifying the title of the book. Inshah Allah if I live long enough without declining energy ( I shall be 80 years old coming January) I will incorporate all your suggestions in the next edition. I am extremely grateful for your excellent review of Quality Education that must have consumed a lot of your time and effort.

Prof.Siraj Ahmed
Peshawar.Khyber KPK
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Barrier to development of 
sub-specialties in Pakistan

I read with great interest your lead story regarding major barriers to the development of sub-specialties in Pakistan in Pulse International of June 1st 2013. I have been trying to establish the sub-specialty of Paediatric Dermatology for the last many years but could not succeed due to the negative attitude of the senior clinicians as rightly highlighted by your in this report.
I have been teaching this subject for the last nineteen years in Liaquat National Hospital and it is my sixth year at National Institute of Child Health, Karachi. At undergraduate levels dermatology is not taught at all or very little. I have been requesting since years to include rotation in dermatology for at least two months in the training programme but without any success. Every time a request was made it was turned down by the Senior clinicians. The teaching I have been doing is voluntary work. I have not given up and continue to make efforts
I learnt Dermatology from Prof Tahir Saeed Haroon. All the FCPS in Dermatology should teach dermatology to the postgraduates in paediatrics. Once FCPS OR MCPS is completed by the paediatrician, and if the wish to become paediatric dermatologist, they should have a residency in dermatology.

Dr. Yasmeena Khan
Karachi. Pakistan.
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