5th Pakistan Pharma
Summit Coverage

Dear Shaukat Sahib,
Please accept my sincere thanks for extensive and excellent coverage of PPMA’s 5th Pharma Summit. As always your personal attention to details and hard work brings out an excellent resource and future reference for PPMA, pharma industry and DRAP.

Your meticulous coverage of this and all previous PPMA’s pharma summits is highly praiseworthy; we value your generous contribution to the support of the pharma industry.

Your objective reporting without any biases is hallmark of your professional journalism. PPMA is honored to associate itself with your work for the larger benefit of the pharma industry.

Once again please accept PPMA’s heartfelt thanks.

Haroon Qassim 
Co-chair 5th Pharma Summit 
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Book on Scientific Writing

I have read this book on “Scientific Writing” written by Shaukat Ali Jawaid and Dr. Masood Jawaid with great interest. This is the book for all ages from senior most consultant to a junior most Trainee doctor. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book & surely keep it for future writing as a reference book. I suggest this book should be a part of Post-graduate training.

Prof. Dr. Tariq Aziz FRCS, DO, FRCOphth,
Advanced Eye Clinic,

Karachi-75400. PAKISTAN.
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A Popular Devil

My dear Shaukat,

Your reputation stretches across the continents. I was talking to Prof Shoaleh Bigdeli in Tehran Iran about our e learning programme that IMI is starting from 6th June 2020. Tahira Changiz Chancellor of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Prof. Larijani and host of other celebrities are joining this global activity. So I just mentioned that I would request my old pal to publish it. They recognized you instantly and was full of appreciation. I thought I’d let you know that you are a popular devil.


Prof. Shabih H. Zaidi, UK.
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COVID19 Pandemic: Give Health
Experts chance to sort it out

Dear Editor,
I read with interest the main news in Pulse International of May 15th2020 i.e. “first reluctance and then incomplete lock-down has failed to achieve the desired objectives”. Due to politicization of pure technical issue and resulting confusion in Pakistan, the apex court took the action, with the result that the lock down was further relaxed and even the shopping malls and saloons were opened. In the beginning the characteristics of SARS CoV -2, were not known to scientists, the appearance of Covid-19 in the wet market of the Wuhan in China. In very short period of time the disease took the world like wild fire and was declared the pandemic. There is no doubt that the total locks down are the crudest method of controlling the spread of the virus, with worse economic outcome. It is like saying we don’t know whom to target therefore we are targeting everybody. The unwelcome decision was recommended in the light of high infectivity, lesser knowledge and initial observation that some 10% cases lead to 80% spread of Covid-19, in some situation. However, with research and observations the behavior of the virus the scientists have come to believe that in addition to set source of spread due to personal behavior like having many social contacts and not washing the hands some other factors also lead to cluster spread of the virus to many people.

Scientists in China, studying spread of infection from Hubei province, studied 318 clusters of infected people, found only one group of people was infected in open space, and rest contracted infection in closed spaces. Study in Japan confirmed same observation about virus behavior. Japanese government, on evidence and expert advice, controlled the situation early, by explicit and uniform strategy of avoiding gatherings in the closed spaces. Closed spaces packed with people in relatively colder temperatures, with shouting, singing and dancing, like wet meat markets in Wuhan, night, and dance clubs and pubs, everywhere in the West are the potential hubs of the super spreading of the diseases. More puzzling characteristics of virus are being explored to understand the difference in infectivity and mortality in various countries and the different environmental conditions. The curfew like lock down as done in Wuhan helped to prevent spread of Covid-19 to the deadliest point, and provided chance to public health experts to trace the nature of super spreading events and places, like clubs and Churches. In Pakistan conditions are different; the closed spaces like wet markets, night clubs are not common places. Restaurants, closed shopping malls, hospitals, prisons and other places like Cinemas require special attention. Washing hands, ablution at least five times by the majority of practicing Muslims, hot weather, and open spaces may be a few reasons for the lower rate of infectivity and the mortality in Pakistan, compared to western countries. Whatever reasons of retarded spread of virus, or economic slowdown in slow growing economy instead of politicizing the technical issues, government and judiciary should give chance to the Health Experts to handle the purely technical issues on merit. The government should constitute a Committee of medical, public health and economic experts, for research, and educate, give advice to politicians.

Prof. G. Asghar Channa
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