Members of a rare tribe
in the medical profession

Read the whole write-up, it involved lot of hard work, you have been very generous in comments about my book and myself. I wish I could prove myself to be what you said. I can never forget. You honoured me to attend my book launching ceremony and it was all incredible. I can only pray for your long life with health and .

With health and Eiman.

Ashur Khan
Rawalpindi. Pakistan.

This is with reference to your recent “Of the record” column entitled Members of a rare tribe in the medical profession published in Pulse International of 15th December 2021.

I have gone through this article in one breath with interest and intent to learn. I appreciate your bold and honest analysis of the events shrouding the tragedy of 1971, and presenting it before the notable audience. This article also glorifies the integrity and uprightness of members of medical professionals. I especially salute you for referring to the wisdom of timely messages given by them to politicians and others in power at that time. Most of the social scientists concede on the aphorism Nations and individuals who do not learn lessons from mistakes of the past are destined to repeat those in their present and future.

Prof. Ghulam Asghar Channa
Former Vice Chancellor SMBBMU
Larkana, Pakistan.
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