Late Prof. M. Yunus
Personified Gentleness 
and Fairness

I was immensely grieved by the sad news of Prof. Yunus Khan’s passing away. He was gentleness and fairness personified. Below is an excerpt from my draft memoirs written over two years ago?

“Appointment by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan, as an examiner for Part-I and Part-II of the FCPS examination was an unsolicited honor. It made it possible to meet and befriend many eminent medical teachers from the medical colleges in the country and from the Pakistan Army Medical Corps.

It was always an inspirational experience to be co-examiner with eminent personalities of unyielding principles like Prof. Fazli Ilahi, the ever-smiling Rose Madan and Gen. Iftikhar Malik. Prof. Yunus Khan, the soft-spoken and courteous anatomist was an impressive personality in the College. He examined the examiners by gently entering each viva room, sitting quietly and making sure that the examiners were thorough but not unfair. He was our Munkir-Nakeer without the rods and the guardian angel of the candidates. The saintly Prof. Khawaja Sadiq Hussain merits a lofty pedestal. A paragon of humility, gentleness, uprightness and academic excellence, Khawaja Sahib is a man who is adored rather than admired by those who know him well. This may sound too flowery a tribute to Khawaja Sahib but will be considered an understatement by those who have known him personally and closely enough.

Dr. Alaf khan
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