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Thank you so much for addressing this vital topic in your Off the Record column published in January 1st 2014 issue of Pulse International. I my self get daily couple of emails , which ask me to publish my work with them in a short time.

Dr. Younis Skaik
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Antibacterial Drugs & Resistant Infections

Antibacterial drugs resistance infections have become a global health problem. The Federal Drug Agency of USA has recently taken measures to prohibit the use of antibacterial for healthy birds and animals in order to prevent the increase of antibacterial drugs resistant infections which are affecting humans and causing a large number of deaths in the USA.
In Pakistan the drug resistant bacterial infections have assumed epidemic proportions due to causes like the free availability of antibiotics in the market without prescriptions consequently causing their wide spread misuse. Non availability of the 1st line essential antibacterial recommended by the “WHO expert Drug Committee”, resulting in the perforce use of 2nd and 3rd line antibacterial for treating ordinary infections thereby increasing the incidence and prevalence of resistant bacterial infections and the rampant misuse of antibacterial on healthy birds and animals in order to increase their weight further compounding the problem.
The spread of resistant bacterial infections causes loss of life and also scarce finances of patients and the country. The F.D.A of USA has just announced that soaps and tooth pastes containing antibacterial also create bacterial resistance therefore should not be used instead ordinary soap and water serves the purpose best and are also cost effective.
The Govt in Pakistan should take immediate measures to prohibit the sale of antibacterial without proper prescriptions and to make the first line essential antibacterial freely available and to take effective measures to stop the misuse of antimicrobials on the healthy birds and animals. The Ministries of Health and the medical institutions should issue the guidelines on “Rational uses of antibacterial” to the public and medical professionals on their misuses so they are prevented.
These simple cost effective preventive measures would be very helpful to save lives and diminish miseries of the people.

Lt Gen Prof. Emeritus
Mahmud Ahmad Akhtar
Rawalpindi - Pakistan.

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