Medical Journal Editors getting payment
from Pharma, Medical Device industry?

Dear Shaukat Sahib,

This refers to your recent Off the Record column published in December 15th issue of Pulse International. You have highlighted an important aspect but more alarming situation right now is the unholy (and undeclared) alliance between the physicians and Pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan which is adversely affecting the overall health care delivery system and medical education in Pakistan.

Unfortunately people are not willing to speak up since many of these unholy alliances involve senior medical practitioners and Professors, who are literally on the payroll of these pharmaceutical companies and medical device industry. Personally I don't consider speaking fee/ honorarium for a scientific event as unethical but always holding a scientific event in a luxury 5 start hotel with free tickets and accommodation for the whole family of the speaker cannot be justified.

Some interesting reads on the topic





Dr. Farooq Azam Rathore
Consultant Physician,
Rehabilitation Medicine,
Karachi. Pakistan.

Alarming state of affairs. Very well pointed out..

Dr. M. Irfan
Peshawar. Pakistan.

Thanks for pointing out important conflict of interest scenario. 

Prof. Nasir Khokhar 
Islamabad - Pakistan.

I read your column. It is an important issue which you have highlighted. I suggest if you could do a presentation on this topic in the upcoming annual conference of PAME it would be great.

Dr. Faaiz Ali Shah
Peshawar - Pakistan.

Excellent and eye-opening commentary Sir.

Dr. Ijaz Hussain
Lahore - Pakistan.

CARDIOCON 2017 a Hyderabad

The Organizing Committee of CARDIOCON 2017 held at Hyderabad recently is grateful to “Pulse International” for its excellent coverage of this important event which is being appreciated throughout the country and would be remembered in the days to come.  Needless to mention here that it was a highly successful academic activity organized at Hyderabad Pakistan. For the first time in Pakistan, cardiology conference included European Society of Cardiology representation for a joint session with Pakistan Cardiac Society and American College of Cardiology Fellows in Training Jeopardy Competition.

Professional code of ethics was followed in its letter and spirit. Not only that there was an exclusive session on Ethics in Clinical Practice. The lectures were de.

The conference also honoured the founders and senior eminent Cardiologist of Pakistan as Chief Guests and Guest of Honours which included Prof Shahryar A. Shaikh, Prof Azhar Masood A. Faruqui, Prof M. Hafizullah, Prof Nadeem Qamar, Prof Hamid Shafqat, Prof Naeem Aslam, Prof M. Ishaq and Prof Khalida Soomro. Life Time Achievement Award was presented to Prof Sharif Chaudhary for his services rendered in the field of cardiology. Dr. Ali Mohammad Chaudhary was also honoured for being the founding editor of Pakistan Heart Journal which completed 50 years of its publication this year.

Prof. Feroz Memon
47th Annual Cardiocon2017
Hyderabad – Pakistan.

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