“Medical History:
Written in Haste”

Dear Mr. Shaukat Jawaid

It was indeed a privilege to receive your personally signed copy of our latest book “Medical History-Written in Haste”. It reveals true experience of a medical journalist who has his hand on the Pulse of medical fraternity.

It is an excellent achieves of the well-known medical personalities of Paksitan. I must appreciate your dedicated efforts for compiling this information and publishing this book. Heartiest congratulations.

 Prof. Feroz Memon
Principal and Prof. of Cardiology,
Indus Medical College,
Tando Muhammad Khan,
Sindh, Pakistan.

Thank you so much for sending your very nice book “Medical History-Written in Haste”. It is a very good collection of memories and a valuable and humble acknowledgement of the contribution by some of the distinguished members of the medical profession. I congratulate you on writing this book on a very novel and rare topic.

 Dr. Sajid Malik
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I take this opportunity to thank you for a copy of your latest book “Medical History-Written in Haste”. I feel much honoured for being remembered by you, your kind gesture is an inspiration for me. I thank you again from the core of m hart. May Allah shower His endless blessings on you.

Abid Hussain Shah
Surgeon Commodore,
PNS Shifa, Karachi.

Increase in
Drug Prices

Uncontrolled increase in Drug Prices is playing havoc with the lives of innocent patients increasing their miseries in Pakistan. According to a recent report, up to 260% increase in prices of Drugs, specially 94 essential life-saving drugs has compelled a major sector of patients to reduce drug dosage or discontinue treatment at the cost of their health. This one-time exorbitant increase is unprecedented and uncalled for when the drug prices are already soaring.

This increase was justified by the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health on the plea to ensure the availability of life-saving Essential Drugs which are often not available or in short supply and had to buy imported medicines. The immediate effect of this “novel scheme” was that a life-saving most essential cardiac drug “Nitromint” immediately disappeared specially from all the chemist shops in Islamabad putting the life in danger of those patients who were using this drug for long on the advice of cardiologists. The Drug Laws mandatory provide that every drug shall be produced in sufficient quantity to ensure its regular and adequate supply in the market and the manufacture of any drug shall not, without the prior approval of the Registration Board, be discontinued for a period which may result in a shortage. Punishment for violation of this rule is imprisonment for a tenure which may extend to five years or fine up to Rs. 50,000, or both.

It is interesting to note that this Registered Drug is imported from Budapest, Hungary, and marketed by local firm in Karachi. The incompetency of the Drug Regulatory Agencies in Pakistan is evident from the fact that there are around 700 licensed Drug Manufacturing units in Pakistan manufacturing all kind of Drugs from imported active raw materials, why this simple drug not requiring any special technology could be manufactured locally? Secondly, who allowed this drug involving foreign exchange to be imported and registered from dubious new source? It is not understood why the Drug Registration Board or DRAP or the Special Advisor on Health ignored these serious legal violations by rewarding the accused with liberal price increase instead of penalizing them. The Drugs Regulatory Authorities and Ministry of Health officials are accountable and answerable for all this.

 Dr. Inamul Haq
Ex Drugs Controller & Chairman
Quality Control Authority.
Ministry of Health
Govt. of Pakistan.