Medical History:
Written in Haste

Dear Shaukat Ali Jawaid,

Thank you SJ for your book “Medical History-Written in Haste” that I was pleased to receive recently. Awesomely you have placed the credentials to their service to mankind. It is good to have a book of the type you designed to cheer the fond memories of those who have lit the flame of knowledge of science, reason and humanism in us and the following generations. However, we do not step the same river twice. I will write you more after having read your gift.

 HR Ahmad
Karachi, Pakistan.
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I don’t find appropriate words to convey my gratitude for your thoughtfulness to include me in your recent book titled “Medical History”. Honestly, I try to work for easing the mankind in professional pursuits and to seek mercy of Almighty Allah. The job or appointment is a tool and not a destiny.

Stay blessed. Wish you a happy and virus-free year 2021.

Best regards.

 Maj. Gen. [Retd] Prof. M. Aslam,
Professor of Physiology,
House#169, Street No.06, Race Course Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
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I hope and pray that you and your family are well. Thank you very much indeed for sending the excellent book. I enjoyed reading it. Your review of my book was superb and it reminded me of things which I had forgotten.

Wish you and your family health and happiness.

 Dr. Sher Mohammad Khan
Peshawar, Pakistan.
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It is a comprehensive life history of some veteran’s, medical teachers and health professionals who with their wisdom and vision contributed to the development of medical services in Pakistan, despite many hurdles in their way to accomplish the desired targets. This book is a great source of inspiration for young doctors, it contains lot of new information about the veterans henceforth unknown, including some important events and anecdotes which makes the reading more interesting. Heartiest felicitations to Mr.Shaukat Ali Jawaid who must have burnt midnight oil for quite some time to accomplish this gigantic task singlehandedly with limited resources at hand.

 Maj.Gen. (Retd) Ashur Khan FCPS
Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

It is an interesting book on Medical History. Mash Allah an excellent factual and honest narrative of how medical services and education have evolved in Pakistan. Thank you for remembering us.

 Prof. Amar Bilal
Dr. Tahira Nishtar
Peshawar, Pakistan.

Thank you very much for sending me a copy of your latest book “Medical History- Written in Haste”. It looks very interesting to me just like your other writings. I plan to read it and we will also keep a copy of it in the CPSP Library.

 Prof. Irshad Waheed, FRCS,
Secretary CPSP,
Karachi, Pakistan.

Thanks a lot for sending me your latest book “Medical History-Written in Haste” It is an excellent informative book. A great way of tribute to legends & for us to know them.

 Prof. Tayyiba Wasim
Prof. of Obstetrics & Gynaecology,
SIMS, Lahore, Pakistan.

Pleasantly surprised and delighted to see such a heartwarming gift “Medical History- Written in Haste”. This book will fill the gaps of knowledge about main historical points and events in medicine in Pakistan. It was very much needed and I started reading right away.

 Dr. Noori Kiran Haris,
Obstetrician & Gynecologist,
Faisalabad, Pakistan.

I have received this book “Medical History-Written in Haste”. You have tried to compile a book which needs a full secretariat where many research assistants should be working. I know you have scant help available. This is a great contribution to the medical profession in Pakistan which has a rich history of so many amazing and wonderful people. The story remains unwritten to date. This book will become a strong first chapter leaving it to the coming generations to complete the rest of the story as more important events happen. Congratulations.

 Prof. Faiisal Nazeer Hussain
Prof. of Orthopaedics
Avicenna Medical & Dental College,
Lahore, Pakistan.

This is a lovely gift by a great friend in medical journalism who always puts his efforts to add to the quality of medical literature. May Allah bless you more?

 Prof. S. H. Waqar FCPS
PIMS, Islamabad, Pakistan.

I am writing these few lines to share my profound thanks on getting a personally signed copy of your book “Medical History-Written in Haste”. Have started reading it. My first chapter was on Dr. Mohsin Pal, shared it with his daughter. The only thing missing in the book is lack of women doctors, which you have also acknowledged. Thank you once again for sharing this book with me.

 Prof. Nazli Hossain, FCPS MBE,
Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology,
Unit-II, Dow University of Health
Sciences, Karachi, Pakistan.

Thank you for sending me an inscribed copy of your most recent book, Medical History: Written in Haste. It will take its place in the CBEC Library on the shelf that holds your other publications which you have been kind enough to send me. My heartiest congratulations on authoring a book that compiles the lives and achievements of selected, influential healthcare leaders who, in their own ways, helped sow the seeds of these services in Pakistan. It will serve as a useful archive for the public and members of the medical profession.

I trust you and your family are doing well during these trying times we face with the COVID 19 pandemic.

 Farhat Moazam, M.D., FACS, PhD
Professor and Chairperson
Center of Biomedical Ethics and Culture (CBEC), SIUT,
The Transplant Tower, SIUT
Karachi-74200, Pakistan.

Thank you for the book “Medical History-Written in Haste” which also covers my father late Dr. Ali Muhammad Chaudhry. It is a highly informative beautifully written! it’s chapter regarding my loving father is so heart touching, this made me feel how close he was to you, He was most affectionate father, today where I’m standing Alhamdolilah in medical profession is all his efforts, my teaching skills too are inherited from him as my under and post graduate students always prefer my class, it’s all Abajan’s knowledge and skills that he inculcated in me! May Allah SWT bless him with Jannat ul firdous Ameen. Thanks for honouring our great father whose work for medical profession will always be remembered inshallah.

 Dr. Alia Ali
Shaikh Zayed Hospital,
Lahore, Pakistan.

Thank you for your latest book “Medical History-Written in Haste”. .It is a “who is who” of Pakistani medical legends. It is not at all “A book written in haste” You are definitely the only custodian of the history of medical profession in Pakistan. 

May Allah bless your efforts.

 Dr. Ahmed Badar,
College of Medicine, Imam
Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University,
Dammam 31451, Saudi Arabia
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Many thanks for the lovely book entitled Medical History-Written in Haste”. It is very informative.

 Prof. Waris Qidwai
Aga Khan University
Karachi, Pakistan.

I have received your very important book “Medical History” How can you write and compile so many momentous books? But this may again join my library of favourite books.

Many of the eminent medical personalities covered in the book have been my teachers and some others my father’s (Lt Gen Ch. Safdar Mahmood, Surgeon General 1987 to 1990) contemporaries and friends; some close ones. It is a book which will save these giants of Pakistan Medicine in the pages of history for all posterity. Once again, a commendable effort and thank you for remembering me.

 Prof. C. Aqeel Safdar, FRCSEd
Fazaia Medical College &
PAF Teaching Hospital
Islamabad, Pakistan.

Thank you for the precious gift of your latest book “Medical History-Written in Haste”. I briefly went through it and read some chapters. Quite interesting and absorbing. Thank you again for the kind consideration.

Prof. Azizur Rehman
Rashid Latif Medical College,
Lahore, Pakistan.

Thank you for the gift of your very valuable book documenting the life and times of the Greats in the medical profession. Praying for your good health and more power to carry on with the good work.

Prof. Tasnim Ahsan
Karachi, Pakistan.

Thank you for providing a signed copy of your latest publication “Medical History-Written in Haste”. It was lovely reading about the lives of our seniors who have contributed to shaping medical education in our country. 

I hope that a look into the lives and works of these great people will inspire our younger generation of medical educators to take this field to further heights.

 Prof. Syeda Kauser Ali 
Institute of Medical Education
Jinnah Sindh Medical University
Karachi, Pakistan.

Playing politics with
Health & Education

This is with reference to your story published in Pulse International of 15th January 2021. Meddling in issues, like enhancement of medical seats without matching the facilities, privatization of health and education without suitable regulations, dissolution of the medical regulatory bodies without determination of the objectives are included in the long list of political transgressions by the governments in the medical history of Pakistan.

In Pakistan unfortunately we do not learn from the failures of our precarious policies, and also avoid learning from the success of others. Some enthusiastic advisors in the current government consider privatization of health as a panacea for all the health issues in Pakistan. The USA being the highest third-party payer country in health with an annual expenditure of almost three trillion US dollars, has been unable to provide health facilities to all its residents. However, there are many examples where countries in low- and middle-income groups provide good quality health care to all the residents by implementation of policies based on evidence and feedback, and prioritizing health over political gains.

Success stories from these countries are wide-ranging but one thing is clear, that health and medical education and related resources need to be integrated for achieving the goal of universal health as recommended by WHO. Design and delivery of medical education in Pakistan is not oriented to the health issues which mostly revolve around the primary health. The training of medical doctors is in the tertiary care hospitals and the regulatory bodies calibrate education and training to meet the demands of Gulf States and developed countries. Politicians boast that the country is getting foreign exchange in return for the brain drain. In my humble opinion there should be urgency in bringing radical reforms in medical education, and politicians should shift the paradigm to spend more on primary health, to get good value for the money which is currently being spent for political showing off.

The onus of responsibility for initiation of such transformation remains on the shoulders of the medical fraternity. Till the time doctors do not develop the ability to respond to the national needs through institutional, organizational and individual efforts they will be ruled by the politicians and will be criticized by the civil society.

Prof. Dr. Ghulam Asghar Channa
Ex. Vice Chancellor SMBBMU
Larkana, Pakistan.