Teaching of Behavioural Sciences
in undergraduate curriculum

This refers to the discussion going on to teach the subject of Behavioural Sciences. I fully support the views expressed by Lt.Gen.Prof. Dr. Mahmood Ahmed Akhtar published in Pulse International of November 1, 2012. Our young doctors need to be groomed as how to behave themselves and off course with patients and their relatives. It is more important these days when all the guns in media are towards Healthcare professionals and we get unnecessary criticism. Appropriate training of the doctors will eliminate the chances of this bad media publicity.
There is a wide communication gap between Health care professionals and patients which instigate the situation. It is sad to notice what is happening in our medical colleges both in public and private sectors. When we were students we used to be told by our professors to look like Doctors, to walk like Doctors, to talk like Doctors, to appear like Doctors, to eat like Doctors and so on. Our role model i.e. professors used to be properly dressed themselves and mostly were in suits when coming to college and always in white coat may be the ward, OPD or class room. Naturally students used to wear white coat which is hardly seen these days.
We need to teach and follow ethics at every step. Doctors in Pakistan are loosing respect everyday and main reason is materialistic approach and we forgotten the human approach. I strongly plead to lay more emphasis on the subject through tutorials/ work shops etc at undergraduate level.

Brigadier (R) Dr. Abdul Qaddus
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Failure of the

Thank you very much for your honesty to write about this topic in Off the Record column of Pulse International December 1st 20112. . As I have worked before a junior examiner, however, in the field of Biomedical sciences, I do agree with you that creating the relax atmosphere is pivotal criteria for the students, and many examiners would like to be described as tough examiners. Sometimes, the examiners do like that because they believe that this is something which is required for the institution’s reputation. Thank you again.

Younis Skaik
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Prove your credibility 
Money will run after you

This refers to your Off the Record column published in November 15th issue on the above mentioned subject. Unfortunately, it is the same materialistic virus which has infected the medical profession all over the world. But what I can not understand, as we are Muslims we should not be like that. We should be good examples of the virus-free people as our God says. I also believe that we should not cascade by anyhow this bad virus to our next generations. Thank you for your nice and interesting write-up.

Younis Skaik
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