Impact Factor and Journey of 
Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences

This refers to your editorial on “Impact of Impact Factor, Publications Audit, and Importance of Citations” published in July-August 2016 of Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences. Congratulations on your achievements. It is definitely not a speedy journey but your persistence and resilience is highly appreciated by everyone. It is also great to know about the Fellowship you have introduced for training of Junior Editors. (Dr. Maqbool H .Jafary Training Scholarship)

I had few papers ready but did not want to bombard you however when I read about the process and the rejection rate, I am sure my papers would have gone through same rigorous process. If you have two papers from developed countries in every issue, I do not see any reason that the impact factor will be doubled again in next 3 - 5 years.

Best Wishes and Regards.

Zarrin Siddiqui
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