Social issues of 
Female Physicians

This refers to your latest “Off the Record” column on the above mentioned subject. It is a well written article, highlighting the problems females face from the start of their medical career. I agree with you on the lack of career counselling and psychological counselling facility in most of the medical colleges across Pakistan. We can together make a difference by contributing our share and playing our role as senior faculty and medical writers.

You are an amazing journalist sir. Your writings are always understandable and interesting to read, highlighting the real picture of the happenings and events of our medical profession. Thank you for contributing a major share in bringing a difference and creating an awareness about many issues that we hardly ever consider to worry about and timely plan for.

Inshallah, together we all will bring a change and make a difference. The journey has just begun. A long way to go under your kind and precious guidance and learn how to play our role.

Prof. Mariya Hidayat

Excellent piece of advice for all those concerned about social issues faced by female physicians.

Prof. Lamia Yousuf

Your recent column “Off the Record” related to social issues of female physicians is a well written. Indeed, it’s need of the hour for all of us to do something.

Prof. Saeeda Baig

Just going through your Off the Record column published in the August 1st issue of Pulse International on Social issues of Female Physicians. Very pertinent issue to bring to table for discussion - We should as society work together not to waste the great human capital and investments made in training the female doctors. This is our responsibility to raise our voice and play our role on this important subject

Imran Majeed,
Karachi. Pakistan.

 Teaching Hospital for
Kh. Safdar Medical College Sialkot

Thank you sir for highlighting this issue of an urgent need for a new teaching hospital for Khawaja Safdar Medical College, Sialkot. Many of the faculty members are being targeted. At present about six hundred fifty (650) employees are on MTI. All salaries stopped. No one knows what will be the future.

Prof. Lamia Yousuf

 Impact Factor of Pakistan
Journal of Medical Sciences

Dear Mr. Shaukat,

I have just finished reading your editorial in the latest issue of Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences (September-October 2022) published ahead of print. I am so happy and proud of the fabulous results the journal achieves every year increasing its Impact Factor by more than hundred percent as compared to the last year. Wish you from heart all the best and success.

Younis Skaik
Consultant Hematologist
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