Pharmacists need to do 
some soul searching

I read with great interest your recent “Off the Record” column titled “Pharmacists need to do some soul searching”. I did the same and this searching revealed some interesting facts, obviously which are concerned with me but are important and gave me little bit of satisfaction. However, as soon as I finished reading this article, I went on a “guilt trip” that doing Masters in Pharmacy I did nothing. Wile thinking that went to the front page of your paper and read the title of the article again,” do some soul searching”.
I would like to share the outcome after searching my soul. I did my Masters in Pharmacy in the late 80s and a lot of my batch mates in B. Pharmacy have moved to the United States and were happily settled earning well. I opted to stay back as I “was” more patriotic, and loved my country and wanted to do something here only. Since Hospital Pharmacy is not fully established, so I was left with no choice but to join the Pharma Industry but looking back, I think I have achieved something in my own little way, tried to be professional and dedicated to the profession, have encouraged B. Pharmacy graduates to work as medical representatives and have trained them to the best of my ability and quite a lot of them are doing well—doing well to sell medicines in a professional way.
Pharmacy graduates have a place to serve in the Hospitals, Pharmacies as well as Pharmaceutical industry where they have an even a greater opportunity, one in the Quality Control Lab and other in the field force. The pharmaceutical industry had acknowledged this and had opened their doors offering much butter remuneration and prospects than those offered by our hospitals and pharmacies (where their degree is used to get the license). Had the Pharma industry not opened their doors to pharmacists in these two professional fields, these pharmacists would have migrated to the West and our country would have been deprived of their services.

Qaiser Rehman,
Icon Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd.,
Karachi. Pakistan.
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