Medical Conference at
Fatima Memorial Hospital

Thank you for your email and sharing the website links or reports related to international medical conference held at Fatima Memorial Hospital Lahore. My apologies for the delay. Following the conclusion of the Lahore conference my wife & I visited Islamabad & Peshawar and after crossing into India travelled back to UK from Delhi. Since I had a busy schedule after arriving here, today is the first day that I am trying to catch up with my emails. The trip to Pakistan was really enjoyable. We met some lovely and passionate people and made lots of friends.

I must say that the conferences at Fatima Memorial as well as at Rashid Latif Medical Colleges were well planned. At the end I felt that the discussions made people think and reflect upon the need for introducing quality and safety in healthcare and the need for regulation of the professional as well as the healthcare care provider both in the public as well as the private sector. 

Thank you for covering the Fatima Memorial Meeting in depth and detail. In addition to the three articles in Pulse International that you sent to me and which are well written Dr. Shaukat Ashai forwarded to me one more article published later in Pulse International that covered the final panel discussion on the last day which included Dr. Nosherwan Burki on the panel. I liked that the best because this write up summarized very well the conclusions of the three day deliberations. Needless to add that this is only the beginning. The momentum must be maintained and that can only happen if the profession, the government, and the regulator in its present form (PM&DC) sit together and deliberate, and come up with a code of conduct that is acceptable to all the three and which will ultimately bring about real change in the system and the mindset of people working in healthcare. The medical media has a huge role in making that happen.

Dr. G R Mufti MBBS, MS, MCh, FRCS
Consultant Urological Surgeon& Fitness to Practice Tribunal Member
General Medical Council, UK.

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