NADEP Conference on
Diabetes Education

Thank you for an excellent and detailed coverage of NADEP conference on diabetes education. Your report will help in disseminating the ideas and latest development in the field of diabetes education shared during the conference. The organizing committee of  the conference appreciates your contribution towards the cause of diabetes education and are really thankful to you and your publication.

Looking forward to your continued cooperation in future activities also.

Dr. Musarrat Riaz
President NADEP

Medical Writing Conference
at Ajman, UAE

Dear Shaukat: Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated your contributions to the Medical Writing congress held at Ajman, UAE from March 5-7, 2015.. I wish we had had more time to talk. May be next time.
Hope to we see you in New Delhi at the WAME conference in October 2015.

Tom Lang, MA
Tom Lang Communications and Training International
Tom Lang
10003 NE 115th Lane
Kirkland, WA 98033
Author of
How to Report Statistics in Medicine
How to Write, Publish, and Present in the Health Sciences
The SAMPLE statistical reporting guidelines

Hazards of Narcotics 

This is with reference to the International Narcotic Control Board’s report giving serious warning to Pakistan of its tremendous surge in the opium consumption among the youth as well as use of needles and rise in HIV infections. Likewise there is an enormous increase in misuse of cannabis indica. The answer to all these problems lies in 'Prevention '.First and foremost the Government should create awareness about the hazards through media -both print and electronic and other means of spreading information. Health education should be an important part of curriculum. The students should  continuously be educated about the hazards of abuses of drugs. Prayer leaders, political cadres ,NGOs, social and religious and international organizations should be involved in creating awareness about the hazards of abuse of drugs .Facilities should be created for early detection of abuses and their early management on sound lines and their ultimate rehabilitation .Drug trafficking should be curbed by employing fool-proof measures by involving and cooperating with international organizations.

Like wise active measures need to be taken against the misuse of tobacco and harmful effects of alcohol. The free availability of alcohol even to teen agers even by the posh hotels/restaurants ought to be tackled with iron hand. People should be taught virtues of healthy eating-extreme consumption of sugar, salt ,tea coffee, beetles ,junk food which are per capita the higher in Pakistan, be curbed. This is causing high incidence and prevalence of non communicable diseases like diabetes-mellitus, cardio vascular disorders and malignances. Likewise the observance of simple hygiene  and preventive measures will tackle the menace of communicable diseases which are adversely affecting the health  and the economy of the people. The only answer to all these problems is' Prevention 'which is the only cure-in fact the true cure.

It needs efforts at national level by educating the masses through all available means, many countries have achieved successes by employing preventive measures. There is no reason for Pakistan to fail except through apathy and lack of concern of the elite rulers for the common folks of Pakistan .We need to set priorities right .We waste meager available resources on tertiary core projects like liver transplants etc. which consumes enormous finances and provide a limited life period maintained on expensive immuno-suppressive drugs while much less money spent on primary care saves thousands of fully active useful lives.

It is high time there is turn around and Pakistan is made social democratic welfare state as envisaged by the Quaid-e-Azam and his colleagues.

Prof. Emeritus
Dr. Mahmud Ahmad Akhtar,
43-Race Course Road,

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