World Alzheimer's Day
Vascular dementia is a major cause of
 Alzheimer disease- Prof. Wasay

KARACHI: Vascular dementia is a major cause of Alzheimer disease which is caused by brain damage from impaired blood flow to the brain. One can develop vascular dementia after a stroke blocks an artery in the brain. This was stated by Professor Muhammad Wasay, President, Neurology Awareness and Research Foundation, NARF while speaking at a press briefing held in connection with the World Alzheimer's Day at Karachi Press Club on 20th September 2019. Dr. Abdul Malik GS of (NARF) and Dr. Ravi Shanker Consultant Neurologist at South City Hospital were also present at the occasion.

Continuing Dr. Wasay said that Alzheimer's is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior changes and the disease is rapidly spreading globally. Average age is increasing throughout the World and in Japan last year sale of adult diapers were more than child diapers. This disease is linked with the old age and contrary to perception it can be prevented through remedial measures. The average age in Pakistan is increasing which also increase the risk of diseases related to the old age. We have made guidelines in this regard for the medical profession. He urged the Government to provide Alzheimer’s treatment drugs at subsidized rates.

Professor Muhammad Wasay, along with Dr. Abdul Malik And Dr. Ravi
Shanker speaking at press briefing held in connection with the World
Alzheimer's Day at Karachi Press Club on 20th September 2019

In Pakistan, around 0.5 million people Prof. Wasay said are suffering from Alzheimer disease and unfortunately a vast majority of patients are unaware of the disease. Short-term memory loss and forgetting daily life tasks are initial symptoms of Alzheimer. About ten percent population in above 60-years of age are suffering from this disease. Modern science is yet to establish the causes of dementia but deficiency of Vitamin B12, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep deprivation and lack of healthy activities can cause this disease. He warned that the disease aggravates in a very fast manner, so its diagnoses on earlier stage is very crucial to maintain the quality of life of the patient. Thorough Clinical examination is the most effective way of its diagnosis, it can’t be eliminated but its complications and speed can be controlled, he added.

NARF General Secretary Dr. Abdul Malik stressed the need to create awareness on the disease among masses. All the required medicines and helping techniques pertaining to the disease are available in Pakistan. Dr. Ravi Shanker said that the diagnoses of Alzheimer is a complicated and hard process and a biopsy of the brain can provide final diagnoses, while CT scan of the brain and some other tests can also determine the chances of the disease. Alzheimer can be inherited, while the lifestyle plays a crucial role in accelerating the disease.

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