Family Medicine
symposium at DUHS

KARACHI: Dow University of Health Sciences recently organized a symposium on Family Medicine. Vice Chancellor DUHS Prof. Mohammad Saeed Quraishy who was the chief guest in his address on this occasion said that the number of doctors in the field of family medicine is insufficient. Family Physicians play a vital role in healthcare delivery. With the establishment of family medicine department, Dow University will be able to take care of people in the urban slums as well.

The symposium was also addressed by the Dr. Riaz Qureshi, Director of Family Medicine department, Aga Khan University, Dr. Janet Healey from United Kingdom, Dr. Anum Arshad Baig, Dr. Fatima Jahangir, Dr. Faisal Ahmed, Dr. Sidrah Kanwal, Dr. Fareeda Ameen, Dr. Ayesha Faisal, Dr. Wajiha and Dr. Tayyaba Kanwal. Dr. Mohammad Saeed Quraishy further said that the provision of basic healthcare facilities at the doorsteps of masses has opened up a new era of quality healthcare system. Apart from consultation by specialized doctors the university is also providing all medication and tests free of cost.

Prof. Saeed Qureshi VC DUHS, Prof. Reyaz Qureshi, Dr. Jenet, Dr. Anam Baig
at the Family Medicine conference held at DUHS recently.

Dr. Riaz Qureshi, stated that Family Medicine Department is an integral part of the healthcare system. The healthcare sector of Pakistan has been suffering from primary issues. There are insufficient doctors in this field as most of them go abroad. He further said that general practitioners of this field are serving at the front line against Dengue, Malaria and typhoid. Approximately, 90 percent of patients seek consultation from a family medicine specialist first and then he is referred to other specialists.

An underdeveloped country like Pakistan, where a minute percentage of GDP is being spent on healthcare, there is a need to make family medicine sector more stabilized than ever. He said that due to the addition of different fields of specialization, the importance of family physicians is enhanced because it won’t be possible to know which specialist to consult without going to a family physician.

Family medicine specialists Dr. Janet Haley, while comparing her country to Pakistan, said that the field of Family Medicine is quite stable in United Kingdom while there are sufficient general practitioners also. Pakistan needs to raise the number of general practitioners in family medicine. She emphasized upon students to study and seek training in this field to serve the humanity. (PR)

Paediatric Endocrinology
symposium at Karachi

KARACHI: A two days International Symposium on Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes was organized by Society of Pediatrics & Diabetes of Pakistan at Karachi recently. It aimed to disseminate knowledge about pediatric endocrinology to pediatrician and physicians. Paediatric endocrinology deals with hormonal issue in children including growth disorder, early or delayed puberty, Diabetes, hypoglycemia, obesity in addition to thyroidal diseases.

International Experts who attended the symposium were Prof. Maria Craig from Sydney, Prof. Margaret Zaccharin from Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist from Melbourne, Prof. Sarah Ehtisham, Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist from Dubai, and Prof. Asma Deeb, Consultant Pediatric Endocrinologists from Abu Dhabi warned that populations in the developing countries could experience an extraordinary surge in the cases of diabetes in the years to come unless appropriate action was taken and concerted efforts made to curb the disease effectively.

Experts at the Concluding Session of 2-days International Symposium on Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes emphasized the need to make new born thyroid testing mandatory after the birth in order to prevent development of mental retardation. The thyroid hormone problem not only affects the physical and mental health of the children but also effect its growth, puberty, diabetes, sexual issue, hypoglycemia etc. Furthermore, the investigations or laboratory test and medicine required for diagnosis and management of endocrine diseases in children should be made available in our country.

The conference recommended that Pediatric endocrinology is a sub-specialty in its own entity and we need to create training opportunities to have more physicians available to cater to the patients presenting with these illnesses. Furthermore, a balanced diet is very important for growth of a child, adding that all the food groups should be in diet of children. It was also emphasized to promote excellence in the care of pediatric endocrine diseases.

Govt. urged to give health
cards to senior citizens &
Parkinson’s disease patients

KARACHI: Instead of using public money for political mileage, the government should provide health cards to all the senior citizens at the age of 65 as the majority of elderly people in Pakistan are suffering from multiple, lifelong health conditions and need continuous medical support in later days of their lives. It was demanded by Prof Muhammad Wasay, President of the Neurology Awareness and Research Foundation (NARF), while speaking at an awareness session on Parkinson’s disease which was organized by the NARF at a local hotel here recently.

There are around one million patients in Pakistan who are living with Parkinson’s disease and they need medicines worth several thousand rupees monthly to live a normal life. The majority of these patients cannot afford these medicines, so they should be given priority in giving health cards. Prof. Wasay highlighted different aspects of the neurodegenerative disorder, which causes serious difficulties in performing day-to-day activities for the patients. Nobody knows the actual causes of Parkinson’s disease, new studies have revealed that the onset of this neurodegenerative disorder is linked with air pollution. He deplored that Pakistan’s four cities, including Karachi and Lahore, were among the 10 most polluted cities of the world.

“Air pollution is not only causing Parkinson’s disease but it is also a major cause of many other serious health conditions, including cancers in our population. Unfortunately, the majority of our population is unaware of the hazards of air pollution and openly burns garbage around their homes and in the city.” He claimed that scientific studies also proved that air pollution was also responsible for 30 per cent of the stroke cases and called for steps to minimize air pollution by putting a ban on garbage burning, vehicular emissions, burning of fossil fuel for energy production and other sources so that people could be prevented from serious ailments.

Prof Nadir Ali Syed, speaking at the occasion said that Parkinson’s disease was the only neurodegenerative disorder which was treated through medicines. Patients start feeling well soon after taking medicines, which was not the case in many other neurological disorders. Parkinson’s disease is not curable, it is treatable and urged patients with tremors, stiffness of body, constipation and other symptoms to see a trained and qualified neurologist so that patients could be diagnosed at the earliest and given proper medicines for the treatment of the Parkinson’s disease. (PR)

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