PharmEvo initiative

Patient Safety Workshops at
Tabba Heart Institute & FMH

KARACHI: PharmEvo in its Continuing Medical Education and Professional Capacity Building programme for the healthcare professionals has started organizing Workshops on Patient Safety at various healthcare facilities. This workshop is based on the curriculum developed by World Alliance for Patient Safety and World Health Organization. This workshop “Learning from Error” was organized at Tabba Heart Institute, Karachi on April 22, 2017 and Fatima Memorial Hospital, Lahore on April 26, 2017. PharmEvo has planned to organize this Patient Safety workshop in different institutions all over the country.

Dr. Masood Jawaid Director Medical Affairs at PharmEvo who was the facilitator at these workshops in his presentation highlighted how multiple weaknesses present within the hospital system can lead to error. These workshops aim to provide all health-care workers and managers with an insight into the underlying causes of such events. Although the workshop materials revolve around an error involving the inappropriate administration of a drug, the underlying principles of why an error occurs are universal. During the Workshop it was emphasized that every learning or near miss event should be investigated for root-cause analysis instead of just blaming individual involved in the event. It is always a system error which needs to be looked into instead of blaming and penalizing the individuals concerned. Culture of reporting errors should be encouraged in the hospital and systems should be developed and adopted that error should be minimized for better patient care and safety.

Participants enjoyed the interactive discussion and opined that these things needs to be taught and included in the undergraduate as well as postgraduate curriculum.

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