HELP seminar to create
awareness about immunization

KARACHI: HELP organized a Seminar on Tuesday, the 28th of April 2015 at Khuda ki Basti, located in UC-5, Gaddap Town, Karachi. The objective was to raise public awareness on how immunization saves lives, encouraging people everywhere to vaccinate themselves and their children against deadly disease as well as to strengthen routine immunization to meet vaccination coverage targets.

Dr. Amara Shakeel, Program Manager HELP, introduced the speakers to the audience. She also gave a brief description of HELP, its MCH Centre at KKB and the services being provided to the community. She also briefed the participants that when HELP started work in Khua ki Basti in 2005, routine immunization coverage stood at 23% and now it stands at 85%.

Dr. Yasmeen Sulaiman, Sr. Program Manager HELP, discussed the six preventable diseases against which vaccines are given. She also informed the participants about the importance of tetanus vaccination in females of child bearing age.

Prof. D.S. Akram, Honorary Chairperson HELP, had an interactive session with the participants and discussed their apprehensions / barriers to getting their children vaccinated and addressed their reservations.

Dr. Huma Khawar of GAVI, speaking on the occasion informed that only 55% of the children in Pakistan are completely vaccinated – this leaves a huge gap in getting control on six diseases which cause a number of deaths in children less than 5 years of age. (PR)