Workshop on Liver Transplantation &
Management at LUMHS

JAMSHORO: Faculty of Medicine and Allied Sciences of Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS) arranged a pre-annual symposium workshop “Liver Transplantation and its Medical Management” recently. The workshop was endorsed by Pakistan Society for the Study of Liver Diseases PSSLD). The course was designed by Prof. Saeed Hamid President PSSLD. Prof Sadik Memon was the course director. About one hundred twenty participants were online from different parts of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Faculty members of Asian Institute of Medical Sciences also attended.
Professor Salma Shaikh, Dean Faculty of medicines welcomed the PSSLD Faculty and participants. Prof. Mashoor Alam Shah Vice Chancellor of LUHMS addressing the participants revealed the grave situation of chronic liver disease in Pakistan. He appreciated the efforts of Prof. Rafi Ghouri and medicine department for arranging this work shop.
Dr. Amir Ghouri discussed the liver disease burden in Pakistan and rest of the World. He also discussed the recipient criteria of liver transplantation. Dr. Prem Kumar discussed in detail the donor evaluation. He pointed out that an ideal donor must have adequate weight and 18 to 50 year age. Professor Sadik Memon discussed the post transplant management of immune suppression drugs. He elaborated diagnostic criteria of acute liver rejection and its management. He discussed the management of post liver transplant Hepatitis” B” and “C” as well. He also presented the follow up of his 81 transplanted patients at (AIMS/ISRA). The one year mortality of the patients he quoted was 12%, which is almost same as rest of the World. Dr. Jawahir Lal, discussed the post transplant biliary complications. In the end Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan discussed the post transplant follow up and non-biliary complications. Professor Rafi Ahmed Ghouri, Chairman Department of Medicine, LUMHS, thanked PSSLD and Getz Pharma for their help and assistance for the workshop.

Free Heart Camp at Family Hospital
& Heart Clinic Kharain

KHARAIN: The 16th Annual Free Heart Camp was held at Family Hopsital & Heart Clinic, Kharain on 31 March 2013. Its main purpose was to “Raise the awareness against Heart Disease” in the general public. Dr Mubeen Malik, Cardiologist is organizing this camp consecutively for the last sixteen years.

Photograph taken at the 16th Annual Free Heart Camp arranged by
Dr. Mubeen Malik at Family Hopsital & Heart Clinic, Kharain on 31 March 2013.

Every incoming patient was thoroughly investigated by taking History including History of Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus & Heart Disease. BP & Weight were checked & information was given to the patients on BMI. All patients had test for Blood Sugar Level, Serum Cholesterol & ECG were taken. Echocardiography & Chest X Rays were done for those with positive findings. Treatments were prescribed by Dr Mubeen Malik, Dr Khola, Dr Fahad, Dr Salik Zaheer, Dr. Masood Ahmed. Dr Zahid Chohan & Dr Munazza Zahid from UK also attended the camp. 
The concluding session was attended by a large number of GPs, Specialist where Dr. Masood Ahmed delivered a lecture on Angioplasty vs. CABG. He described the importance of early detection of Heart Disease with Coronary Angiography where salvage is possible. ATCO Pharma, Macter Pharma, Helix Pharma, Werrick Pharma also participated in the Free Heart Camp. The participants were given the Souvenirs at the end of the session. Haji Malik Shabbir Hussain, a local philanthropist presented the souvenirs among participants. A special shield was awarded to Dr. Masood Ahmed for his excellent presentation on the subject. Dr. Zahid Maqsood, President PMA Distt. Gujrat & Dr. Abbass Choudhry, General Secretary, PMA Distt. Gujrat also attended the closing ceremony. The next Free Heart Camp will be organized in March 2014. (PR)

 Head and Neck Cancer 
Conference by SKMT

LAHORE: In continuation with last year’s successful program on Head& Neck Cancer, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital organized a Head & Neck Cancer conference in Karachi. The major portion of the workshop comprised of interactive sessions where complex cases were discussed. 

The conference theme was ‘back to basics’ denoting care in the context of overwhelming head and neck cancer burden in an economically disadvantaged setting. The format of the meeting provided an ideal platform for professionals to share their experiences and challenges in managing patients with head and neck cancer..
Dr. Arif Jamshed, Consultant Clinical Oncologists at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital in his address to the participants said, “Head and neck is among the top 3 cancers along with breast cancer and lung cancer. Unfortunately, head and neck is the disease of the lower social economic group so most of the time it does not get that kind of attention, which some of the high profile cancers like prostrate and breast cancer would get. Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka are the hot spots of head and neck cancer”.
Smoking and beetle chewing are the major causes. 7 out of 10 patients actually have one of these risk factors which later on develop the cancer. When it comes to treatment, we need to formulate local guidelines because this disease in our country is on an advance level. Therefore, it becomes obvious that we need to do more work in this direction and hopefully once we take the rights steps, results will come through themselves”. (PR)

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