PCS seminar on recent
updates in Pulmonology

KARACHI: Pakistan Society of Pulmonology organizes a seminar on recent updates in Pulmonology (chest diseases) recently. It was attended by a large number of doctors including Family Physicians, Chest Specialists, and Post Graduate Trainees. Panel of Expert included Prof. Saleemullah and Prof. Sohail Akhter. Dr. Iqbal Pirzado conducted the session.

Speaking at the occasion Dr. Faisal Faiyaz Zuberi in his welcome address explained the need of for such CME programmes. Chest Physician Dr. Nasir Hussain in his presentation stated that COPD mostly occurs due to cigarette smoking and it is not a childhood disease. COPD affects the lungs and due to complications it can effect heart too. Recommended treatment of COPD is through Inhalers.

Dr. Faisal Faiyaz Zuberi, Assistant Professor& Head of Chest Unit-II at Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases, DUHS; said that apart from Tuberculosis and Pneumonia, Heart failure, various allergic conditions as well as a number of drugs can also cause cough. Sometimes the evaluation of the cause of cough is challenging for the chest physicians. For effective treatment, a detailed history, examination and relevant investigations help in making accurate diagnosis. He also talked about the recent recommendations about drugs for treatment of chronic unexplained cough.

Dr. Niaz Somroo (Assistant Professor- thoracic surgery department, OICD-Dow University of Health Sciences), in his lecture stated that thoracic surgeon has a vital role to play in patients with complications of pneumonia and tuberculosis. The disease in many patients disseminate from lungs to the membrane covering them i.e. Pleura, presenting with cough and difficulty in breathing. Thoracic surgeon can perform various types of surgery in these patients so that the patient may be cured not only from primary disease but also from complications of the disease.

Dr. Zule Humayun, chest specialist at PNS Shifa, threw light on the Fibrosis of lungs due to various diseases. It can occur due to various drugs. In this disease the volume of lung progressively decreases causing cough and difficulty in breathing. He also talked about recent treatment options for fibrosis.

Dr. Kashif Shahzele, Assistant Professor at Ziauddin University, spoke about the role of Computed Tomogram (CT scan) in diagnosing various chest diseases. CT scan he said is an economical and faster tool helping in diagnosis. Prof. Saleem Ullah &Prof. Sohail Akhtar gave concluding remarks and appreciated the quality and content of the presentations. (PR)

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